Leafs beat Blackhawks 3-2 in Rookie Tournament debut

Steve Dangle
September 05 2013 09:30PM


It wasn't pretty, but the Leafs' rookies pulled off a 3-2 victory over the Blackhawks' rookies in the shootout in their rookie tournament debut. 

Rather than go through scoring chances and stats like Cam would during the regular season and playoffs, here's simply what happened, and some thoughts.

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Why did Darren Dreger say mean things about Nazem Kadri on the radio?

Cam Charron
September 05 2013 12:07PM

Darren Dreger, who is Dave Nonis' cousin, went on TSN Radio 1050 today in Toronto to say a lot of silly things about Nazem Kadri. I'm not sure why Dreger did these things, but with the contract negotiations between the Leafs and Kadri going public as Kadri is still without a deal and in his first year as a restricted free agent, it seems that Dreger is using his medium to turn public sentiment against Kadri in the dispute.

He also said a lot of wrong things, and was heavy on historical revisionism.

Here's the link to the segment, and below is a transcript. I have some thoughts breaking up Dreger's spiel periodically.

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Steve Dangle
September 05 2013 08:03AM

 Photo: www.guelphstorm.com

When I saw Josh Leivo come in at #7, I was pretty shocked. I had ranked him #2 overall, and #1 among Leafs forward prospects.

I still remember when Leivo was drafted in 2011. The Leafs picked him in the 3rd round, 86th overall, and the kid wasn't even ranked by NHL Central Scouting. He had a modest 13 goals and 17 assists for 30 points in 64 games in his draft year with Sudbury, but a strong second-half probably caught the Leafs' attention.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - September 4, 2013 - Leafs Twitter Wars

Steve Dangle
September 05 2013 07:38AM

The guys talk about all the Leafs' current issue (and there are many), Sean Avery, and Steve has a 5-way conversation with himself. Oh, and we're selling t-shirts now (click here to buy one)...OH, and we're giving away an XBOX 360 and you need to listen to have a chance to win it.

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Nazem Kadri's contract negotiations are tearing apart the fabric of the universe

Cam Charron
September 04 2013 03:02PM

-A sampling of favourited tweets from Mr. Kadri

I really didn't want to write another post about Nazem Kadri. I feel like my opinion is out there, that I think the Toronto Maple Leafs organization is doing the right thing by forcing the hand of Kadri a bit. Thanks to a couple of "leaks" from reporters David Alter and Bob MacKenzie, the public seems to believe that Kadri asked for an unreasonable amount of money and an unreasonable term. Kadri fired back at Alter last month (covered here by Steve) and at MacKenzie last night.

It's a negotiation tactic, of course. I don't know what Kadri thinks he's worth, and I don't know how his agent is negotiating the deal, but anchoring is a common tactic. It's conceivable to think that Kadri told his agent "I want 5, but I'll accept 4," and his agent opened with 6 in an attempt to anchor the Leafs to a high number and let them work it down. There are a multitude of scenarios that could have arisen that don't involve either the Leafs or Kadri lying to the press.

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