LFR9 - Game 13 - JVR Boulevard - Det 2, Tor 1 (OT)

Steve Dangle
November 07 2015 08:16AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 10.05.14 AM

Remember goals?

Yet another milestone against the Leafs, Nazem Kadri's doing everything but score, and JVR has a street named after him.

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Leafs Postgame: Outclassed

Justin Fisher
November 06 2015 08:44PM

I can't even be mad about this loss because the Detroit Red Wings played such a classy, underrated game. Wait. Maybe I don't know what underrated means... does it mean you got outplayed but still won? No? Oh, ok. Nevermind. 

Not classy. Not underrated.

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With Win, Marlies Become Highest Scoring Team In AHL

Jeff Veillette
November 06 2015 08:32PM


Some people say that a team can't score away their problems. This might be true; the Toronto Marlies can look across the street to their local soccer field to see an example of it. Thankfully for them, however, the team has been responsible in its own end and between the pipes, meaning that when they score a lot of goals, they win a lot of games.

This continued tonight, with a 5-4 shootout win over the Utica Comets, which made the Marlies the highest scoring team in the league.

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LGD: Bawitdaba Da Wings Have No Money

Jon Steitzer
November 06 2015 01:03PM

How many of the Red Wings 10+ free agents can they afford to bring back next year?


It seems like Mike Babcock new the exact right time to go running from Detroit with his bag full of money. Sure the Leafs aren't great at the moment, but they are slowly sinking like the Andrea Doria, As the Blashill era Wings ease themselves into NHL lottery consideration "like an old man into a warm bath" it's worth pausing to reflect on how screwed the Wings really are. 

As usual, Cat Silverman has us covered on what's really worth knowing:

The issue? The Red Wings are only $1.62 million under their long-term injured reserve modified upper limit for the salary cap, and Pavel Datsyuk’s $7.5 million cap hit isn’t a part of that equation.

So while the Wings for tonight may be the better team, let's remember that they are a team that needs to shed almost $6M to bring back their star player. 

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Let Babcock be Babcock

Thomas Drance
November 06 2015 09:57AM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY Sports

Mike Babcock is a Starbucks guy, I've been told.

This detail was mentioned to me at some point during the summer, and made me laugh. It's just so perfect. Babcock talks like a Tim Horton's guy - whether it's his Saskatoon Philosopher's King style of speech (with a light and charming Michigan inflection), or maybe the frequency with which he brings up his F-150 unprompted - but he isn't. This a man, an extraordinarily talented hockey man, with an appreciation of the finer things: Yorkville Apartments, $6 million a year contracts, corporate speaking engagements and success on an international stage.

It's Babcock's taste for the latter, rather than his preference for a skinny vanilla latte (the drink order is speculation on my part, the Starbucks preference is not), that has provided Toronto hockey fans with their first, but certainly not their last, taste of false controversy this season. It had been a while.

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