Playoff LFR: Watch the Throne

Steve Dangle
May 01 2014 10:27AM

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 10.46.19 AM

The Kings come back, El Nino strikes, and King Henrik takes over.

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Key Players Returning as Marlies Look To Close Out Series

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 30 2014 02:08PM


The Toronto Marlies had their third practice since returning home from Milwaukee today, and with tomorrow's game quickly approaching, seem to be focused on closing things out sooner than later.

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NHL Awards: My Picks

Steve Dangle
April 30 2014 11:03AM

This should be fun.

You know the PHWA? The Pro Hockey Writers Association? That group of guys who vote on the annual NHL Awards? Well I'm not one of those guys. I'm just a blogger. BUT I HAVE AN OPINION, DAMN IT!

This year, we have the PHBA. That's right - the Pro Hockey Bloggers Association. They were gracious enough to include us here at and I was the one who voted for this site.

Here's how I voted for every award and my justification for those votes. Feel free to call me a big idiot.

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How The Leafs Ruined The Playoffs

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 29 2014 07:39PM


The Stanley Cup Playoffs have been a bit of a mess this season, and it's all thanks to the Toronto Maple Leafs ruining everything. Hear me out. 

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The Tyler Bozak Post

Cam Charron
April 29 2014 01:26PM

If the big debate last summer over Toronto's offseason moves was an earthquake, the organizational treatment of Tyler Bozak was its epicentre. Between the day after the Leafs lost Game 7 to Boston and the beginning of training camp, my 'Why Tyler Bozak should have played his last game as a Leaf' article was the highest-viewed post on our website. Other posts, derailing in anger over the precursor movethe Mikhail Grabovski buyout—were also widely read.

In the main Bozak post, I wrote that there was "no chemistry" between Bozak and top line winger Phil Kessel. "If anything, there is biology, in the respect that Bozak is in a parasitic relationship" with the All-Start winger, while quoting numerous statistics showing that Kessel's goal-scoring and puck possession rates actually improved when Bozak wasn't on the ice with him.

Let's see how ~THAT~ prediction turned out.

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