Jeff's Opening Night Roster

Jeff Veillette
October 02 2015 12:07PM


The regular season is upon us, which means that the City of Toronto is likely to have their hopes crushed if they plan on watching hockey in hopes of positive results, especially in the opening weeks. Thankfully, it looks like we're going to be distracted by playoff baseball for the first time since I was a year and a half old, and if baseball isn't your thing, playoff soccer for the first time ever. The Marlies also look like they could make a case for the best combination of youth and talent in the history of the AHL, though we should probably wait to see how their lineup plays out.

In any event, the Leafs can't just pass go and collect Auston Matthews, Jakob Chychrun, or Alex "Brayden" Nylander. They have to play the games. With that considered, here's the lineup that I think would make the 82-game schedule the least miserable.

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LGD: Finally the Babcock Has Come Back to Detroit

Jon Steitzer
October 02 2015 09:51AM


Yes it's night everyone in Michigan was waited for. It's their chance to act like they never liked Babcock and that somehow Blashill is going to magically improve their team that has been in slow decline since their last Stanley Cup. I'm sure a big deal will be made of this, and next week an even bigger deal will be made about when Babcock returns for his first regular season game in Detroit and we pretend that this game never happened and watch him awkwardly answer press conference questions about what it feels like to be on the visitor's bench.

Tonight's game is on TSN 4 (Leafs Region) at 7:30 PM. The rest of us are left hoping the Wings do the right thing and put the game up on their team website.

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Ryan Fancey
October 02 2015 09:45AM

We've done a fair amount of speculating about this Leafs roster and how much Mike Babcock might be able to prop it up, but going on the record with our standings predictions is the last step before the season gets underway on Wednesday.

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
October 02 2015 06:45AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.42.56 AM

Trade rumors of Zajac to Toronto swirl, Brandon Sutter's big expectations in Vancouver, Flames predicted to make playoffs, young core better positioned than Oilers, Maurice and Yeo clash in Winnipeg, Eberle out for a while in Edmonton, young kids making rosters, training camp cuts, fantasy hockey and more in this week's Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings

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Ryan's Opening Night Roster

Ryan Fancey
October 01 2015 04:51PM


"In order for things to get better, the Leafs have to ice rosters like this for a bit. I'm sorry, too." - an apologetic Cat Silverman

Leading up to opening night for the Leafs next Wednesday, we're going to continue to supply everyone with rosters drawn up by each of our writers. It's a painful process when the team is this horrid, and I really wouldn't recommend it to anyone. But that's what we do here at TLN: suffer through this team so you don't have to (as much).

Yesterday Jon took a stab at creating a potential Leafs lineup, and used a few unconventional moves in doing so, then Cat followed up with her version of the team earlier today. Both had their share of takes. My roster might be the most boring of the bunch, but follow past the jump anyway and tell me how much you hate it.

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