Seen Stamkos 2016, Part 1: The Humble Beginnings

Jeff Veillette
December 12 2015 02:45PM

If you're getting sick of the Steven Stamkos drama already, this might be a long seven months for you. As the clock ticks rapidly on the last year of his final restricted contract with the Tampa Bay Lightning, may are wondering what the future holds for him.

Obviously, one potential destination stands out more than others; the Toronto Maple Leafs. As we've seen in the past, a single player won't make a team into a powerhouse, but Stamkos is the type of talent that can accelerate Toronto's without actually taking off the rails. Today, we'll start with how we've gotten to now.

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Frank Corrado will play on Tuesday Night

Jeff Veillette
December 12 2015 11:07AM

Photo Credit: @mapleleafs /

The process will have taken seventy-one days when all is said and done, but finally, Frank Corrado will play his first game for the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday night, according to head coach Mike Babcock.

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Jonathan Bernier yet to be scored on through three games with Marlies

Jeff Veillette
December 12 2015 02:13AM


If Jonathan Bernier came down to get himself feeling confident about stopping pucks, he's certainly well on his way to tearing up the NHL when he heads back. So far in his ten-day conditioning stint with the Toronto Marlies, Bernier has played in three games and faced seventy shots. Twenty-seven of those shots came on Friday night.

Like in the two games prior, he didn't allow a single one, leading the way in a 2-0 Marlies victory.

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TLN partners with /r/Leafs to launch AMA series

Jeff Veillette
December 11 2015 12:48PM


We at The Leafs Nation dot com are focused on one thing, and one thing only; complete and total world domination. We may look like a Toronto Maple Leafs blog, but the second we have the ability to be global dictators, we're going to pounce on the opportunity.

To start that process, we've been trying to become trendy and likable on social media. The next frontier? Reddit.

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5 things: The usage of Matt Hunwick

Ryan Lambert
December 11 2015 10:00AM

1. What's going on?

A quick look at the Leafs' ice time alone this season notes an interesting development: Mike Babcock, widely considered one of the smartest coaches in hockey, is using Matt Hunwick as a top-pairing defenseman.

This is, I think we'd all agree, not a particularly ideal situation. The 22:28 he's playing every night exceeds the 21:31 that was his previous high (in the lockout-shortened season with Colorado) and it otherwise more about 2.25 minutes per night higher than his career average. And so you have to ask: What's the thinking here?

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