Top 5 Prodigal Sons That Will Return To Toronto And Help The Leafs Win a Cup

Justin Fisher
September 25 2015 04:21PM

Earlier today, Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock told TSN's Mark Masters that Shawn Matthias is a "Toronto kid that wanted to play for the Leafs," and went on to predict that more Toronto-born players will come home to play for their childhood favourites.

Immediately, everyone drew a connection between the Leafs and maybe-soon-to-be unrestricted free agent Steven Stamkos. But hey, that's only one guy. There are so many star players that come from The Six.

See below our Top 5 Prodigal Sons who will one day soon return to Toronto and help the Leafs to new and infinitely sustained success.

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Mike Babcock hints at a future involving more local players

Jeff Veillette
September 25 2015 03:34PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs are very excited to have Shawn Matthias on their team, but he might be even more excited than them to be here. Shawn is part of a temporarily dying (lack of success does that) breed of Toronto-era children who grew up cheering for the blue and white, before moving on to a career of their own. Now, he's beginning to live out the finer details of his childhood dreams; something that Mike Babcock likes, and encourages.

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LGD: Cody Franson Returns

Jon Steitzer
September 25 2015 11:46AM

By game four the preseason begins to feel like a grind, but thankfully superstar defenceman, Cody Franson returning adds some heat to this game. He's gonna possess all the pucks, and you're gonna be like, "aw man, I wish he'd let Toronto possess some of those pucks," and Cody's gonna be like, "nah, I don't let you do that any more, but enjoy Stephane Robidas."

Honestly, who really cares about Franson? He was pretty good, but doesn't really fit in well with the rebuild and the Leafs got an excellent return for him. Instead let's just be disappointed that Jack Eichel isn't playing and that could have made the game interesting.

Tonight the game is on Sportsnet 360, so a lot more of you are able to watch the game. It's also on TSN 1050 and it starts at 7:30 ET. Plan accordingly.

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5 Interesting Thoughts from Lou Lamoriello's Interview with Bob McKenzie

Justin Fisher
September 25 2015 09:31AM

As we've seen over at Canucks Army and Jets Nation, TSN's Bob McKenzie has been making the rounds with the general managers of the NHL's Canadian franchises. Earlier this week, McKenzie's interview with Toronto Maple Leafs boss Lou Lamoriello went online. Here are five interesting thoughts from the video, which has offered us some of the best insight into the Leafs' front office since Lamoriello arrived on the scene.

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TLN Player Profile: F Shawn Matthias

Ryan Fancey
September 25 2015 07:46AM

It's no secret the Leafs have been trying (and succeeding) to build up a stable of cheap veterans to fill out their roster and likely garner some trade interest when the deadline rolls around, and Shawn Matthias is obviously part of that group. Coming off a career year goal-wise, Babcock will likely rely on Matthias to chip in some offence on a team starved for goals, to go along with some heavy work on the penalty-kill and perhaps an overall bigger role than he's used to. Put simply, Matthias appears to be a useful player, and on a relatively cheap one year contract, Toronto can easily afford to take a look at what he can bring as he heads into his ninth NHL season. 

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