Relive the 2002-03 Toronto Maple Leafs Season

Adam Laskaris
July 29 2015 04:01PM

The 2002-03 Toronto Maple Leafs season will always be a special one in my eyes, for it's the first year I really remember watching the team in the regular season. Certain playoff memories from previous years are still in my mind, but it was this team where I first experienced the joys of weekly Saturday night games and the odd mid-week game. And what a season it was. 

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Bernier asks for 5.1-million in arbitration

Ryan Fancey
July 29 2015 07:55AM

Yesterday we took a shot at a mock arbitration between Jonathan Bernier and the Leafs, with Cat and I acting as the two parties and Jon stepping in as arbitrator. In our discussions leading up to the piece, we figured Bernier should shoot for a mind-boggling amount of money since, given his workload as a starter, he'd obviously want to create a huge gap between his number and the team's, and try to settle a couple million below. It's just the way arbitration goes.

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Mocking Arbitration: The Jonathan Bernier Hearing

Jon Steitzer
July 28 2015 02:48PM


Friday is the day that arbitration enthusiasts have long waited for, the arbitration of Jonathan Bernier. This may seem like something destined to be settled hours before it starts. It may seem like an event destined to disappoint as an unknowing arbitrator decides to split the difference and award a one year at the obvious compromise point. Fair enough, but the arbitration is interesting and different for a few reasons...

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Jul 28, 2015 - Story Time with Jeff Marek

Steve Dangle
July 28 2015 02:43PM


On this episode of the podcast, Jeff Marek tells basically every story ever, hockey and other stuff, and it's amazing.

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Dave Morrison re-assigned as Pro Scouting Director

Ryan Fancey
July 28 2015 10:16AM

A couple nights ago, Sportsnet Magazine's Gare Joyce reported that the Leafs' Dave Morrison - head of amateur scouting - was to be let go by his new boss, Lou Lamoriello. Eventually it came out in the wash that Morrison hadn't been notified of such a move, and Joyce stepped back a little on his initial claim to clarify that the team would perhaps be shuffling chairs instead. Turns out the latter is true, and Morrison will stay on board to make a change to pro scouting.

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