YakovMironov's Leaflets: Playoff Edition

Jon Steitzer
May 02 2013 01:10PM


At the very least we can now say everyone on the roster has playoff experience. The Leafs are still getting reacquainted with the post season so it seems only fair that there are few things that needed to be relearned.

  1. One goon in your lineup in the playoffs is pointless, but two is a complete disaster. No matter how much you want to pretend that Orr and McLaren pushing around Chara and McQuaid in the first few minutes of the game had an impact, it’s much more likely that Orr’s pointless penalty three minutes into the third hindered any attempt obtaining a respectable outcome. At what point does Carlyle just rely on Mark Fraser as his enforcer? He certainly can’t rely on him for reliable defense.

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LFR6 - Round 1, Game 1 - Beginner's Suck

Steve Dangle
May 02 2013 11:30AM


SWEAR WORDS! This video is a bit long, but in my 1st ever Leafs playoff video, I think I've figured out what the Leafs need to beat Boston.

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Game One scoring chance count does not flatter Toronto Maple Leafs

Cam Charron
May 02 2013 04:51AM

(Photo via Jared Wickerham/Getty Images and NHLInteractive)

I had a friend in university who got really sick at exam time in her first year. She didn't get a virus, and showed no symptoms beyond nauseousness.

There's nothing different between a university exam and a class. The material doesn't change. If you know the subject you know the subject and you'll get a good grade regardless of the atmosphere. But my friend let the pressure get to her. She started staying up late studying. She didn't get enough sleep and kept herself running on caffeine and fumes. In the end, the exam period itself became a self-fulfilling prophecy—my friend couldn't handle the stress of it all.

She got over it though. Was always a crummy student. It's not that she cracked during exam period, it's just that she didn't know the material in the first place.

The Toronto Maple Leafs lost Game One of their Eastern Conference Quarterfinal series to the Boston Bruins much in the same way as my friend got sick in university. It wasn't pretty. A 4-1 defeat to kick off the series as their first playoff game in just under nine years. Analysis below.

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Leafs Play First Playoff Game in 8 Years, Lose Badly in Boston

Thomas Drance
May 01 2013 08:28PM

Basically a metaphor for the game itself.
(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

It's clear to anyone who understands "luck" in hockey, and how a team can in fact get lucky over a sample size of nearly fifty games, that this years Toronto Maple Leafs aren't particularly good. They're not as bad, however, as they looked on Wednesday night in Boston.

In game one of the Leafs first round series against the Bruins, Toronto's cinderella club were outshot two-to-one by the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions. Toronto's best players hardly showed up, and frankly there aren't a lot of positives outside of the play of James Van Rimesdyk to really cling to. Though I guess if you count "at least it can't possibly get any worse" as a positive you might have something.

Read on past the jump.

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Playoffs!!!1 gameday: Game 1 Leafs @ Bruins

Cam Charron
May 01 2013 12:05PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs kick off their playoff season Wednesday night against the Boston Bruins, at 7:00 Eastern, on the CBC. If you can't find the game on TV, don't come running to us complaining that we didn't tell you what channel to watch or what time it was on. 

I've only been running this website for a year and was unsure of what kind of template to use. I ventured over to Oilers Nation, the longest-running blog on this network, to try and find a good way to get people fired up, opposing fans angry and 

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a single playoff game thread on the entire website. Edmonton playoff games must have coincided with their vacation schedules.

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