Pat Quinn Passes Away

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
November 24 2014 09:12AM

Former Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman and Head Coach Pat Quinn passed away on Sunday night at Vancouver General Hospital.

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my column: november 24

Bobby Cappuccino
November 24 2014 08:27AM

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Hi welcome to my column, the only column that is mine. I’d like to first get something off my chest *finishes his set of 250 pound bench press, sticks his tongue out at roman polak*. Okay but for real there was a lot of good feedback after last week’s my column. I have incorporated it into this column. I was told to make it more readable so I have done that by using actual punctuation sometimes which is annoying. Your Welcome readers. Secondly, I was told to get a new pen name that was better and that name is now Hockey McCanada. 

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First Star, Worst Star: November 21, 2014

November 23 2014 08:03AM


Time once again for everyone's favorite new weekly feature: FIRST STAR WORST STAR!! 

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LFR8 - Game 21 - Salute - Det 1, Tor 4

Steve Dangle
November 23 2014 02:07AM

Screen shot 2014-11-23 at 3.55.39 AM

The Leafs beat the Red Wings, but more importantly, now we can shut up about the salute thing :D:D:D!!!

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Leafs Post-game: Back On Track

Shawn Reis
November 22 2014 08:22PM

The result of tonight's game was likely going to do a lot to influence people's perceptions of this team.  If they lost they would be losers in 3 of 4 and back on the tailspin.  If they won, they'd be winners of 2 straight and back on the right path.  Well, the Leafs were able to roll to a 4-1 victory at home tonight against the Detroit Red Wings.

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