Bertuzzi incident puts black mark on 6-1 Marlies victory

Jeff Veillette
October 31 2015 12:55AM


There are a lot of good stories that should be talked about tonight. William Nylander stole everybody's hearts yet again with a pair of goals. Richard Panik went full early 90's Adam Oates and had four assists. TJ Brennan is near a point per game again.. Frank Corrado is starting to get back into game shape, and Garret Sparks saw his save percentage go from beer league to near the league's best in a matter of hours. 

We shouldn't be talking about Tyler Bertuzzi tonight, but yet, here were are. These are the type of moments that make people take the American Hockey League less seriously.

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Leafs Postgame: Bernier, Leafs Play Well. Still Don't Win.

Justin Fisher
October 30 2015 08:45PM

We're only nine games into the season, but we already have a pretty good idea of how the remaining 73 will go. The Toronto Maple Leafs will play some decent hockey, but they won't score many goals and get many wins. It certainly doesn't help when you're up against one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference either. 

Toronto looked good, but not good enough to contain the New York Rangers.

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Friday Roundtable: Too Many Players

Justin Fisher
October 30 2015 03:51PM

Mark Arcobello has been waived, Brad Boyes is in the press box tonight, and Frank Corrado will soon be returning from a "conditioning stint" in the AHL. We probably could have predicted this in the offseason when the Leafs went out and picked up a bunch of new faces, but here we are - Toronto has a roster crunch problem. Too many players, too few minutes to go around, and only a few options that don't include sending players through waivers and losing them for nothing.

Here's the Roundtable with how they'd juggle Toronto's roster and sort everything out.

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LGD: Boyes Night Out

Jon Steitzer
October 30 2015 10:57AM

The Leafs play their ninth game of the season tonight. Tonight's lucky contestant's are the 6-2-2 Rangers which on paper have already won this game. Of course the Leafs record is far more impressive on the road this year, an astonishing 1-3-1, so the Rangers would be wise to not take this game lightly.

The news of the day is that a $700k player who attended Leafs camp on a pro tryout has been scratched for a player who has had a nice stretch of hockey in the American Hockey League. Given the fact that the Leafs roster has done nothing to show it doesn't warrant constant shakeup, this seems like a reasonable move. If you are expecting most Leafs fans to react as such, I hope you're enjoying your first day on the internet.

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Is van Riemsdyk turning into an elite forward under Babcock?

Ryan Fancey
October 30 2015 07:49AM

Over the summer months we took a good look at the Leafs and how the hiring of Babcock could rehabilitate some players' ability to play a solid puck-possession game after the years of trash hockey under Carlyle. The main target was usually Dion Phaneuf, but in August I asked the same thing about van Riemsdyk, a player far less polarizing but certainly getting his fair share of criticism over his defensive game as well.

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