Leafs Play First Playoff Game in 8 Years, Lose Badly in Boston

Thomas Drance
May 01 2013 08:28PM

Basically a metaphor for the game itself.
(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

It's clear to anyone who understands "luck" in hockey, and how a team can in fact get lucky over a sample size of nearly fifty games, that this years Toronto Maple Leafs aren't particularly good. They're not as bad, however, as they looked on Wednesday night in Boston.

In game one of the Leafs first round series against the Bruins, Toronto's cinderella club were outshot two-to-one by the 2011 Stanley Cup Champions. Toronto's best players hardly showed up, and frankly there aren't a lot of positives outside of the play of James Van Rimesdyk to really cling to. Though I guess if you count "at least it can't possibly get any worse" as a positive you might have something.

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Playoffs!!!1 gameday: Game 1 Leafs @ Bruins

Cam Charron
May 01 2013 12:05PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs kick off their playoff season Wednesday night against the Boston Bruins, at 7:00 Eastern, on the CBC. If you can't find the game on TV, don't come running to us complaining that we didn't tell you what channel to watch or what time it was on. 

I've only been running this website for a year and was unsure of what kind of template to use. I ventured over to Oilers Nation, the longest-running blog on this network, to try and find a good way to get people fired up, opposing fans angry and 

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find a single playoff game thread on the entire website. Edmonton playoff games must have coincided with their vacation schedules.

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LEAFSNATION 2013 Year End Awards

Cam Charron
May 01 2013 10:16AM

New to this season, every Nations site will get its readers and writers to vote on "Year End Awards" in a few different categories. It was a painstaking process to whittle down the nominations in each category to five apiece, and not only that, the pony transporting the ballots to Leafs Nation HQ got eaten by a bear.

But we finally got a hold of them, and some state-of-the-art polling software to get the reader involved as well. Hit past the jump for our nominees:

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Bruins and Leafs panel picks (how many ways to say Bruins in six?)

Cam Charron
April 30 2013 03:09PM

Our long-winded preview went up Tuesday morning, and you should all check it out. We break down the matchups line by line and how everything should shake out in Toronto's first playoff appearance since the release of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises.

If there are typos in any of the predictions, blame the email programs we copied and pasted from with the exception of our submission from Oilers Nation HQ. Their picks were sent to us this morning by carrier pigeon and the bloody thing was written in crayon. 

Here are the panel picks, starting with Steve Dangle of the Leafs Nation dot com: 

Fans have to be happy that the Leafs are back in the playoffs. It’s been a long, crappy wait. That being said, they’re playing the Bruins in Round 1, which is probably the Leafs’ worst case scenario going in. The Capitals are the 3rd seed, and while they have been on fire, they’re still beatable. The Canadiens’ are the 2nd seed, and while they won the Northeast Division and beat the Leafs soundly in their final game of the season, the Leafs completely pumped them twice in this short campaign. Besides, even if the Leafs hadn’t won those games, who doesn’t want to see a Toronto-Montreal tilt? Even the 1st seed Harlem Globetrotters Pittsburgh Penguins have had some trouble against the Leafs this year. But the Bruins. The freakin’ Bruins. That’s who they get.

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Maple Leafs - Bruins series preview

Cam Charron
April 30 2013 10:00AM

James Reimer is indubitably the key to victory. Photo via CP

For a while towards the end of the season, the fates were leading the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs on a collision course that would have surely torn apart the fabric of our nation, and ended up with Québec drifting out into the sea. But after an unlikely chain of events on Saturday—the Boston Bruins blowing a two-goal lead against the Washington Capitals and the capitulation of the Toronto Maple Leafs against the Montreal Canadiens—the stage was set Sunday for the Senators and Bruins to determine the Leafs' fate.

So, so much has gone right for the Maple Leafs this season, and sparing the clichés about the Buds being ready to play against any opponent in the first round… it's clear that the final game of the season between Ottawa and Boston didn't break the way they were hoping. Instead of a dream matchup against the Canadiens—both a ratings bonanza and a team whose weaknesses play into the Leafs' strengths—Toronto ended up drawing Boston. 

We know the Bruins recent record against the Leafs, but what we don't know is how the Leafs can beat the Bruins over a seven-game series or how it will break down, line-by-line and matchup-by-matchup. Our detailed preview is below the jump…

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