Assorted Notes From Marlies Practice

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 04 2014 02:02AM


I have to admit, I'm not the biggest practice guy in the world. Mostly because it takes me longer to get to Ricoh Coliseum or the MasterCard Centre than they actually last, let alone the way back. As such, I only go when I absolutely need to get a quote or two. This week, though? I'm living downtown! Temporarily of course, but all the same. My favourite part about the whole thing about this week is how close this place is to Ricoh; literally walking distance. As such, I've taken advantage and been at practices all week. Here's a grab bag of sorts, full of updates.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - April 3, 2014 - The Return of Adam, The Return of Hope

Steve Dangle
April 03 2014 11:53PM

photo (24)

On this episode, Adam returns to the beautiful sound of Leafs winning, birds chirping, and jawbreakers.

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Leafs postgame - Despite early 3-1 lead, Leafs able to escape Bruins visit with W

Cam Charron
April 03 2014 08:59PM

Sometimes hockey reminds you that it's a sport, it's meant to be entertaining, and not meant to be enjoyed as an intellectual pursuit. The Toronto Maple Leafs came into Thursday's game against the Boston Bruins requiring a win, and having an excellent chance to do so facing a tired squad playing their backup goaltender.

Until the very end, the outcome was in doubt. The City of Toronto can finally take a well-deserved pee and quit chewing their nails. A 3-1 lead to the Bruins was washed away amid a flurry of scoring chances in the Maple Leafs end. Starter Jonathan Bernier was hurt and James Reimer had to play his first minutes in a week-and-a-half to protect a one-goal lead. He didn't succeed, but Tyler Bozak, of all people, drew a penalty in overtime and it was Nazem Kadri who got to play hero.

The Leafs are still faintly alive in the 2014 playoff chase.

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LGD - Game 78: Bruins @ Leafs - Big Bad Bruins Are Back In Town

Steven Tzemis
April 03 2014 01:48PM

Every time the Bruins and Leafs play each other, the Kessel comparisons come out. It doesn't matter if Kessel is playing at an MVP level or not, or even that Tyler Seguin is no longer part of the Bruins organization. Those comparisons aren't fair, but the Leafs need to compete with the Bruins if they ever plan on being successful. And that's something Toronto hasn't done in a long time, and probably won't do for a little while longer. 

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He fights. He scores goals. He fights. He's a drain on the salary cap.

Cam Charron
April 03 2014 12:39PM

No matter how the NHL alters the language of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, you're always going to be able to find ways for teams to pay players more than their rival teams on the free agent market. After the salary cap was introduced, it didn't take long for teams to handcuff themselves by spending lots of money up front on long-term deals that paid players way more than their salary cap hits indicated.

The NHL has taken away the power for teams to do those deals, and perhaps we'll see more deals done up like David Clarkson's, where the money is practically guaranteed to the player by way of signing bonuses, which continue to count against the cap if they get bought out.

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