William Nylander briefly takes AHL scoring lead as Marlies and IceCaps combine for seventeen goals

Jeff Veillette
November 14 2015 08:39PM


Over the past few weeks, everybody from journalists, to players, to Toronto's own Mike Babcock have had their say on the goal increase debate. Does the league need to, or is everything fine? If it's a necessity, should it be done through shrinking pads, or increasing the size of the nets? Is strategy the problem?

The Toronto Marlies and St. John's IceCaps heard everybody's arguments, and responded by having the AHL's third 17 goal game in the last 17 years. Leading the way was William Nylander, who was lights out in the closing stages to help Toronto pull off a four-goal comeback en route to a 9-8 victory. Here are the key stories from tonight's game.

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Leafs Postgame: Going Streaking

Shawn Reis
November 14 2015 08:11PM

It was another good night if you're a Leafs fan.  A good first half of the game from the team, and an excellent second half followed up by some yet again fantastic goaltending from James Reimer, ensured Toronto their third straight win, and the sixth time in their last seven contests that they've picked up at least a point.

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LGD: Ew, The Canucks

Justin Fisher
November 14 2015 01:36PM

Tonight will be a battle between two proud and  franchises, with the Toronto Maple Leafs being proud of their rich history and the Vancouver Canucks being proud to... Uh....

The Canucks, their supporters, and disappointing fan sites would have you believe that their team is still relevant, but that just isn't the case anymore. Their past, present and future is bleak at best, and Cory Schneider is one of their all-time greats. He didn't even play 100 games for them! Good grief!

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Viktor Loov wrecks Nikita Scherbak with huge open ice hit

Jeff Veillette
November 13 2015 04:41PM


There are a lot of things about Viktor Loov that gain him price from scouts and observers. He's a strong skater, has offensive instincts, and is a hilarious interview. But nothing gets the attention of anybody faster than his gigantic open ice hits. They've come back to bite him in the past, in the form of penalties and suspensions, but tonight's rendition? Ten out of ten.

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Leafs could use a new "Goaltender of the Future"

Justin Fisher
November 13 2015 03:08PM


Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a wild ride watching James Reimer stopping lots of pucks and winning lots of (ok, two) games lately, but this run of good play probably hasn't changed the minds of many who believe that neither Reimer or Bernier are the answer in net.

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