This Week In #Content: June 7th, 2015

Justin Fisher
June 07 2015 11:08AM


TLN's coverage of first round draft targets continued on this week with five more player profiles, along with a whole bunch of signings, trade rumours, free agent chatter and general jackassery. 

Missed some of it? Don't sweat it. It's time for This Week In #Content.

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Report: Teams Are Asking About Phil Kessel

Justin Fisher
June 06 2015 07:32PM

Like Elliotte Friedman, I'm going to be very careful about reporting this because things could get out of control very quickly.

According to Friedman on this evening's edition of Saturday Headlines, NHL clubs have already begun reaching out to the Toronto Maple Leafs to ask on the price of their star winger, Phil Kessel.

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Leafs not afraid to move fourth pick to load up at draft

Ryan Fancey
June 06 2015 06:11PM

The idea of the Leafs trading their fourth overall selection to move down in the first round and grab a few more assets along the way has been gaining a little more traction over the last few days. It's mostly due to what looks like the expansion of that group just outside Eichel and McDavid to now include names like Barzal and Provorov (on top of the usual suspects in Marner, Strome, and Hanifin). 

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Justin's NHL Draftbook (2014)

Justin Fisher
June 06 2015 09:43AM


As some of you may know, last year I created and cleaned up a complete history of the NHL Entry Draft, from the original draft in 1963 in Montreal all the way up until 2013 in Philadelphia. I used this spreadsheet - what eventually became known as the 'Draftbook' - to study trends and track success in drafting. Mostly for fun, to be honest.

With the 2015 Draft set to take place later this month, I figured now is as good a time as any to update my Draftbook and include last year's 2014 Draft in Sunrise. 

This is long, long overdue, and I plan on updating it with the 2015 data set as soon as it's available. In the meantime though, I figure it will give some of my fellow writers, statisticians and fans something fun to poke around in, and maybe help generate some cool content leading up to the 2015 Draft.

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TLN Roundtable: Our Staff Takes Magic Pills

Justin Fisher
June 05 2015 07:46PM

The NHL Draft is nearly upon us, but before any names are called out in Florida later this, the 2015 draft class will first assemble in Buffalo for the Combine. They will be poked, prodded, VO2'd and puked. Then a sports psychologist will play mind games with these teenagers and offer them drugs.

Well, ok. Not real drugs. Actually, it's a completely hypothetical situation.

I'm talking about the "Magic Pill" question - the one in which a player is offered a pill that will guarantee them a Calder Trophy, a Stanley Cup, and a fat endorsement deal. The catch? There's a 50/50 chance you will die when you turn 30 years old. I guess it's supposed to measure dedication to the game or something, but actually it's just really, really stupid.

Honestly, why is this question being asked of teenagers? They should save these types of questions for people in their, like 20s or 30s I guess? What trying to say is... here's another TLN Roundtable. Today we asked our TLN staff if they'd take the Magic Pill, and their answers may surprise you. 

(Also, we need mandatory staff drug testing, like, yesterday.)

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