Absurd Leafs bank on absurd Reimer performance for absurd victory

Cam Charron
April 15 2013 08:39PM

Photo via Graig Abel/NHL Interactive

This wasn't a Monet. This wasn't even a Picasso. If I was an eight year old and painted this, my parents probably wouldn't pin it to the fridge. I doubt they would even if I were an only child.

It's not that there's just some secret batch of numbers that exists in the Internet's reservoir of miscellaneous data that shows the Toronto Maple Leafs got out-played by the New Jersey Devils. Joe Bowen and Greg Millen knew it. The fans at the Air Canada Centre chanting James Reimer's name all night knew it. Everybody on Twitter knew it. Toronto got out-chanced and out-shot and miraculously, won.

It was 2-0 Monday night over the New Jersey Devils. With a single more point, or a single point dropped by the Winnipeg Jets, the Toronto Maple Leafs will clinch a playoff spot.

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Preview: Game #42 Devils @ Leafs

Cam Charron
April 15 2013 02:13PM

It's a difficult afternoon to concentrate on hockey, so this New Jersey Devils/Toronto Maple Leafs "preview" post will just be a few numbers and line combinations rather than any pontificating spiel about roster decisions or optimization.

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Five Leafs thoughts to begin the week - April 15th

Cam Charron
April 15 2013 04:52AM

Five laboriously-constructed thoughts focusing on players and storylines we'll be following this week at The Leafs Nation. This week: Phil Kessel the juggernaut, more shooting percentage junk, Randy Carlyle's Jack Adams candidacy, Nazem Kadri's usage and Mark Fraser's excellent segment on Hockey Night in Canada.

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LFR6 - Game 41 - New Low Price

Steve Dangle
April 14 2013 03:54PM

Price lets in 3 of 4, the Habs allow 4 of 5, and it's all over, Johnny.

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Maple Leafs defeat alleged Montreal hockey team 5-1 on Hockey Night

Cam Charron
April 13 2013 09:14PM

"Nazem Kadri's league-leading talent" - Photo from Graig Abel/NHL Interactive

Carey Price has a reputation as a partier, but generally I thought that his indiscretions took place post-game as opposed to pre-game.

Saturday's Hockey Night game between Montreal and Toronto, previewed as a possible playoff matchup, began rather inauspiciously. The Canadiens had some puck-possession off the first shift, with Brian Gionta and Josh Gorges each having shots blocked by Mark Fraser.

But then Francis Bouillon high-sticked Nazem Kadri. It was Kadri's league-leading 28th drawn penalty, and everything fell apart. Tyler Bozak scored finishing a nice play between him and James van Riemsdyk. Estonian-born ex-KGB recruit Leo Komarov scored on a real weak goal by Carey Price after Komarov put the fear of God into him. Really rattled his brain. Jay McClement finished off a lovely play at the end of a good penalty kill and then Dion Phaneuf took another shot from the outside that made it through Peter Budaj's five-hole.

Four goals, five shots in the first period. 4-1 lead for Toronto at that point. Not surprisingly, everything fell apart at that point, and Toronto would get one more late in the game for a 5-1 win.

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