The Steve Dangle Podcast - April 9 - Phanito

Steve Dangle
April 09 2015 10:35PM

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On this episode, the guys look forward to playoff hockey, discuss the inevitable departure of Dion, and the All Dirtbag Team.

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Carolina Beats Philadelphia, Lock in Leafs at 27th

Justin Fisher
April 09 2015 08:31PM

Congratulations everyone, we did it. The tank was a success.

The Maple Leafs are now locked into the 27th overall in the standings - a truly horrible result - after the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Philadelphia Flyers earlier this evening. The Hurricanes are now four points ahead of the Leafs with 71, and can no longer be caught.

That of course means that, according to this year's NHL Entry Draft lottery rules, Toronto has the fourth-best chance, with 9.5%, at winning the first overall pick and the opportunity to draft Connor McDavid.

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LFR8 - Game 81 - Danglepie II - Bros 100, CBJ -3

Steve Dangle
April 09 2015 02:11PM

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Colton Orr Call Up The Right Decision By The Leafs

Jeff Veillette
April 09 2015 09:36AM

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The Nation Drafts Playoff Pool: Play for Charity, Fun, and Glory

Ryan Pike
April 09 2015 09:27AM


It's nearly the end of the hockey season, and while we're starting to get excited at the prospect of the playoffs(!), we're also excited to announce the return of something we do every year at this time: the Nation Drafts playoff pool!

The Nation Drafts playoff pool is fun, inexpensive, proceeds benefit a worthy cause, and you could win prizes! What's not to love? Read on for more details.

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