TLN Player Power Rankings: November 9, 2015

Jon Steitzer
November 09 2015 08:58AM

After picking up four points in ten games in October, we can now classify the Leafs as red hot now that they've picked up four in the first four games in November. November seems to be the month of choice for underperforming Leafs teams, as last season it was November that gave many of the fear that Carlyle would be the head coach forever. Like last year we can probably rest easy that tank will be rolling again soon enough, but for now it's nice to watch some competitive Leafs hockey while we can.

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Argos Vs Leafs: What team provides the better experience?

Bobby Cappuccino
November 09 2015 08:10AM

Last week, I attended two (2) Toronto sporting events. The first was on Monday night, when the Toronto Maple Leafs hosted the Stars of Dallas. The second was on Friday night, when I got to see the last Rogers Centre home game the Toronto Argonauts will ever play. Moment of silence please.

Now that that moment of silence is over, I will continue. Both sporting events were fun, but were very different. So it got me thinking - I'm a guy that works hard for my money. I'm a blue collar kind of guy. Money is important to me. So which sporting event offered me, a really great and honest fan, the better value and overall experience?

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LFR9 - Game 14 - 0.8 - Tor 2, Wsh 3 (SO)

Steve Dangle
November 08 2015 09:16AM

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.29.05 AM

Everyone - I can prove Leafs games are fixed. It's all voodoo, wizardry and AAAHHHH!!!!!

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This Week in #Content: November 7, 2015

Justin Fisher
November 08 2015 09:04AM


Where the hell were you last week? You missed out on a bunch of crazy stuff... OK, mostly just more Leafs losses but other things happened to. Don't be a loser. Educate yourself.

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Look at this hockey game the Toronto Marlies had

Jeff Veillette
November 08 2015 12:51AM


Unfortunately, I don't have a new storyline for you tonight. There isn't anybody who had their coming out party, or is sliding into your stat sheet with a quiet streak. The Toronto Marlies are good right now, and they're showing that off in a very obvious way. In last night's case, it was a 6-1 win over the Binghamton Senators; a team that previously provided them their only significant loss of the season. Let's look at the game that was.

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