LGD: Curtain Call

Shawn Reis
October 03 2015 01:56PM

I took some heat in my last LGD for saying I was excited for the preseason to end, but this time I feel like I can say that again without much argument.  It's been a lengthy and certainly at times interesting preseason, but the Leafs have hit an exhibition skid, most of the jobs seem to be earned, and it's just time to get onto some meaningful hockey.  So let's all celebrate what this pre-game represents: the end of the preseason, and the start of an 82-game rollercoaster.

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Shawn's Opening Night Lineup

Shawn Reis
October 03 2015 01:34PM

Everyone else is getting in on the fun, so why not?  If I were the coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs, this would be my opening night lineup:

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Justin's Opening Night Lineup

Justin Fisher
October 03 2015 12:11PM


Unlike my colleagues, I see an untapped potential with the talent the Leafs have assembled. I really do. It just requires someone forward-thinking enough to put the pieces together the right way. So that's what I did.

Just like the juggalos that he used in his header imagine, Bobby's a joker if he thinks this team has untapped potential. An NHL lineup gutted of anything resembling elite talent and patched together with bit players and PTOs, this Leafs team isn't going to surprise and overwhelm anyone. Though, #nice call in dressing Rich Clune. 

But really, let me tell you what Toronto's lineup is going to look like. This group might be a porta-potty fire, but as my colleagues like to tell me, my takes are ice cold. 

Please click past the jump and see if Tyler Bozak is a number one centre...

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TLN Player Profile: Dion Phaneuf

Adam Laskaris
October 03 2015 09:05AM

Love it or hate it, Dion Phaneuf is still the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. And although he's been the subject of trade rumours, captaincy-stripping rumours, and all sorts of other rumours, #3 returns again for the sixth season (already?) with him wearing the "C" on his chest. Much like the cells of a newly discovered species, Phaneuf will be under the microscope all season. 

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Postgame: Red Wings Hand Leafs Fourth Straight Preseason Loss

Justin Fisher
October 02 2015 09:06PM

Did you know that this was Mike Babcock's first game back in Detroit since leaving the Red Wings organization this past offseason for the Toronto Maple Leafs? Yes. This is the first time Babcock has returned to Detroit. Since he joined the Leafs. It's true! The first time! You hadn't heard? It's a big deal!

Ok, I'm done.

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