Who's Left? Conference Finals Edition

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 17 2014 08:35PM


If there's one thing that the Leafs have at an elite level, it's a self-deprecating fan base. But, what's a strong gun without ammo? Here's a list of former Leafs still playing in the NHL and AHL playoffs as of today.

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Marlies Sweep Chicago Wolves

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 16 2014 08:19PM


The Toronto Marlies found themselves in prime opportunity today to do something outside of the expectation for any team, not just themselves. A win tonight would knock out the Chicago Wolves and send the blue and white to the Western Conference Finals without having yet lost a game.

Certainly nothing that anybody would predict, but they got the job done again tonight, winning the game, and the series,  4-0.

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May 16 2014 02:07PM


Another week is in the books and another star player is taking heat for not performing when it mattered most. Crosby had a tough second round, but so did a lot of the Penguins.  If you had Crosby in your pool, like I did, he didn't exactly help out much in the standings.  After jumping almost 100 spots last week, I was ready to stop blaming Chris Kelly and forgive him for me being stupid enough to pick him.  Well, I'm falling again and I don't think even smashing into the concrete can stop my decline this time around.

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The fatal flaw of analytics

Cam Charron
May 16 2014 12:40AM

Whenever a hockey player doesn't talk to the media, a common refrain from reporters is that "the media is how fans connect to players".

That is true, but not in the way the reporters think. The reality is that the media that connects us to hockey players is the television and radio—we're dependent on those mediums to glean as much information as we can get about a hockey game without ever being there. Television is the best, because it's visual. Radio is second best, because you can follow the progression of the game in real-time. There's a big drop-off from there. I dislike following a game via a boxscore because there's no drama involved, and even worse is reading the game recap the next day in the local newspaper, because even a 700-word recap can gleam over 95 per cent of the game as if it never happened.

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Mailbag: Thoughtful Thursday

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 15 2014 09:35PM


We're still waiting for the conference finals to end, there hasn't been a huge amount to talk about in Leafs land, and there's a gap between Marlies games today. Naturally, it's time to pull out some questions!

To submit a question, send me a tweetemail meask me, or leave a comment.

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