Bozie vs. Brozie

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 07 2013 10:16PM


If this is your first visit to, welcome! Stay a while, and enjoy the vast variety in topics we like to talk about. If it isn't, you'll know very well that we're big fans of Tyler Bozak on this site. Cam Charron loves him (also this, and this, and this, and this, and this). Jon Steitzer thinks that he's right up there with other first line centres. Blake Murphy is also a fan. Steve Dangle wants to throw him a party. Emily G has been proven to be in love with him. I've got nothing for you on Ryan and Justin, but I'm sure they also have shrines in their rooms. Last but not least, I am his biggest fan. More than anybody else. I'm changing my middle name to Bozak. He's the best.

...okay, maybe not so much. Anyway, like everybody else on the Internet that has ever said, thought, rapped, or improvise danced a negative opinion or feeling to or about Tyler Bozak, I have been blocked by him on Twitter. When? So long ago, that I still thought that he was a good solution to the Leafs top line problems.

Contrary to popular belief, I don't hate Tyler Bozak. I think he brings down the first line by being an obvious not first liner, I think his intangible abilities are grossly overstated, and I think his production doesn't make his paycheque, but I don't hate him. I think he is an NHL level talent. I think his contract is even okay compared to market value, and I don't blame him for signing it. He seems like an good guy 364 days a year, and he appears to get along with his teammates well. He's a decent player that his management sees far too much in.

But he also has me blocked on Twitter. I don't like that, to the point where last year, I tried to get everybody who has me blocked on twitter to unblock me. Even Damien Cox gave in. Now, all that remains are Bozak, Alan Walsh, and a few Leafs fans who dislike my point of view so much that they decided they never wanted to see it again. Today, I tried to fix that. 

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Some notes on Bovada's betting odds

Cam Charron
September 06 2013 12:37PM

I'm not a sports gambler, but I do find betting lines interesting and have spent the occasional afternoon looking at the spreads of a vast number of football games to see if there's a team that is overvalued or undervalued by the betting markets. Sports markets are pretty interesting—they're designed to get an equal amount of action on either end of the bet, not designed to project actual performance in the standings.

Any big change in the line is always pretty interesting. After the Maple Leafs fired Brian Burke last year, odds the Leafs would win the Stanley Cup grew from 40/1 to 33/1 within 48 hours. That's not a dramatic shift, but it was worth noting. Odds change to shift the mood of the betting public, and while Nonis only made minor moves last season and there was no reason to think he would do anything other than that.

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TLN Top Twenty Prospects: No. 5 - Matt Finn

Jon Steitzer
September 06 2013 12:36PM

Name: Matt Finn
Position: Defense   
Hometown: Good ol’ Taranna boy
Size: 6’0, 199lbs.
2013 Team: Guelph Storm (OHL)
Acquired: Drafted, 2nd Round, 35th Overall in 2012
As much as I instantly question the logic behind every single first round pick the Leafs make (yes including Morgan Rielly), the past few years have provided me with a universal love of the teams second round picks. Really I’m only talking about two players because Kenny Ryan in 2009 was questionable and the Leafs have traded their second round pick away in 2011 and 2013, but man do I sure like Brad Ross and to an even greater extent Matt Finn.

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Leafs beat Blackhawks 3-2 in Rookie Tournament debut

Steve Dangle
September 05 2013 09:30PM


It wasn't pretty, but the Leafs' rookies pulled off a 3-2 victory over the Blackhawks' rookies in the shootout in their rookie tournament debut. 

Rather than go through scoring chances and stats like Cam would during the regular season and playoffs, here's simply what happened, and some thoughts.

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Why did Darren Dreger say mean things about Nazem Kadri on the radio?

Cam Charron
September 05 2013 12:07PM

Darren Dreger, who is Dave Nonis' cousin, went on TSN Radio 1050 today in Toronto to say a lot of silly things about Nazem Kadri. I'm not sure why Dreger did these things, but with the contract negotiations between the Leafs and Kadri going public as Kadri is still without a deal and in his first year as a restricted free agent, it seems that Dreger is using his medium to turn public sentiment against Kadri in the dispute.

He also said a lot of wrong things, and was heavy on historical revisionism.

Here's the link to the segment, and below is a transcript. I have some thoughts breaking up Dreger's spiel periodically.

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