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December 06 2013 12:40PM


On December 24, Santa Claus will use the power of Christmas Magic to fly all around the world delivering presents to good boys and girls. How he is able to visit all these kids in so little time remains a mystery - but the presents that await on Christmas Morning is a testament to his effectiveness.

We here at the Nation Network possess no such powers. So if you are in the market for an OilersNation, CanucksArmy or a LeafsNation hoodie today is the last day you can order them in time for Christmas. The sale closes tonight at 7 PM MST and odds are they won't be back until next Christmas so get yours while you can.

These babies cost $60 each and a portion of each hoodie sold will go to the Children's Hot Lunch program at the Amiskwaciy Academy in Edmonton.

Click here to order yours.

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Leaflets: Mourning Nazem, Liles recalled, Rielly to Malmö?

Cam Charron
December 06 2013 09:46AM


Collecting and commenting on the major stories surrounding the Maple Leafs as recounted by friendly members of the mainstream media and bloggers. If you have a story you'd like to have featured, sent me an email at

Bit of a rough week for the buds, as their losing streak was pushed to five with a loss to the San Jose Sharks on Tuesday. They needed their goalie to steal them a game against Dallas, and the goalie did, so there's a little bit more optimism in the air Friday morning than yesterday morning.

But we begin the weekly recap with Nazem Kadri's heavy heart.

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Leafs Postgame: Leafs hang Bernier out to dry, he stays wet

Steve Dangle
December 05 2013 09:26PM



When Jonathan Bernier chose to wear the number 45 with the Toronto Maple Leafs, I don't think he chose it thinking that's the average number of shots he'd face per night. Low and behold, he topped his number and made 48 saves on 50 freaking shots, and the Leafs snap their five-game losing streak.

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Nation Gear: So Hot Right Now

Steve Dangle
December 05 2013 02:08PM

Our shirts are the shirt! Did you read that wrong? You have a dirty mind. The only way to clean it? Buy a shirt (or hoodie)!

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LGD - Game 29: Stars @ Leafs - Maybe it's just a bad dream

Cam Charron
December 05 2013 10:38AM

Overall, I think that the hockey world overestimates the impact of big winning or losing streaks.

Think of it this way: a contending team wins about 60% of its games, and a lottery team wins about 37%. There's not really a huge deviation from 50-50. If you flip a coin 82 times, even one that's weighted perfectly, you'll run into stretches where heads is shown five or six consecutive times. That doesn't mean that heads "has momentum", it's just that streaks are likely to happen in a sport where most short-term outcomes are random.

This might surprise you: at the height of the Pat Quinn era, from 1998 through 2004, the Leafs averaged an 89-point pace in games after wins. They also averaged a 106-point pace in games after losses. Instead of getting on noticeable streaks, what happened was the exact opposite. The team played like a contender in games after losses, and a bubble team after wins.

So while many people are asking questions of a Leafs team that appears to be reeling, demoralized, banged up and all else, I think this is just the natural progression of a hockey team, good or bad. This five-game losing streak shouldn't change your opinion on the Maple Leafs, nor should it confirm fears. It's just hockey. And they play again tonight.

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