Greg McKegg on off-season training and development

JP Nikota
August 12 2012 12:12PM

McKegg warms up for Team Irish wearing number 74. 

Saturday afternoon, I caught up with Greg McKegg in Lucan, Ontario, where he was playing in a charity game for Lucan Minor Hockey. The event was spearheaded by Logan Couture, and brought together a mix of hockey players from across North America.

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Where in the world is...

A. Bates
August 11 2012 11:38AM

Imagine if you traded a potential top six centre-man and a potential top four defenseman for a guy who was a year and a half removed from scoring 27 goals on a 16.27 shooting percentage. That might even be a bad enough trade to get yourself a sarcastic shout-out in a certain blogger's footnote.

You all know who I'm talking about, of course. I'm talking about Cliff Fletcher's magical Alex Steen and Carlo Colaiacovo for Lee Stempniak trade. And yes, if you're wondering, it was a bad enough trade to get a sarcastic shout-out in a certain blogger's footnote.

With Alex Steen signed to a sickeningly amazing contract for the next two years and Lee Stempniak being a bad hockey player who, for some reason, can double his career shooting percentage for stretches (only when he's not playing with the Leafs though) there is only one player from this deal to wonder about.

This brings me to my next UFA spotlight, follow me over the jump to find out who it is.

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NHLnumbers Podcast: All About Tracking

NHLnumbers Podcast
August 10 2012 02:23PM


In this edition we covered all things tracking with an expert panel on the subject: Neil Greenberg from the Washington Post and ESPN Insider, Geoff Detweiller of Broad Street Hockey, Eric T. of BSH and NHLnumbers and our own tracking addict Corey S. We went over Eric's article on the link between scoring chances and shot differential and what it means for scoring-chance tracking, Geoff and Eric's very promising project tracking zone entries, tracking zone exits and what the future holds for tracking/advanced stats.

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Toronto Marlies quality of competition estimates

Cam Charron
August 10 2012 01:58PM

Our favourite thing to do on Friday is to post data dumps, because our market research has showed it's always great to read a bunch of numbers on a Friday afternoon. We're getting to that today, shortly.

I'm sure the Toronto Marlies have trouble finding a fanbase in Toronto simply because there's very limited data that gets published online so we can compare and argue about these players (sure, that's the reason) but today we're going to do something different, estimating the quality of competition and quality of teammate rates of regular Marlies players to see where our favourite Leafs prospects stack up.

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Lockout talk: the importance of revenue sharing

Cam Charron
August 10 2012 05:04AM

The only thing we have to Fehr is Fehr itself.

We won't start the NHL regular season on time. This isn't exactly any new information. If you've been following the NHL's labour situation in any capacity, you'd see that there are two divides in the the hockey business world. The first is between the players and the owners. When those two sides came to the current agreement in the summer of 2005, everybody inside hockey was discussing the "partnership". The players would play and make the owners money, and the more money the owners made, the more of that the players would see.

And it has worked out. The salary cap has jumped from roughly $42M to roughly $70M over the span of just seven years thanks to skyrocketing revenues. The problem for the owners is the revenue divide. While the league may be profitable as a whole, this is due to the top 12 or so teams who generate a huge portion of the revenue. The clubs do not share revenue on the same level as they do in Major League Baseball or the National Football League.

So, to make up the cost, the owners expect the players to cover the difference by taking a smaller portion of revenue. The players would prefer for the big teams to share the money with the small teams.

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