Yakupov scores with 10 seconds left, a KHL fight knockout, and more

Steve Dangle
October 23 2012 07:36PM


Here's your tasty KHL goodness for the day!...Well that sounded weird...hm...

Well anyway - enjoy! 

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Jake Gardiner and the "Mikhail Grabovski Expectation"

Cam Charron
October 23 2012 10:23AM

Something different.

The chart after the jump will be something called "The Mikhail Grabovski expectation". It comes from a few days of sleuthing around every single Jake Gardiner statistic I could find, looking for some kind of lead, or some kind of reasonable explanation for why a plus-Corsi defenceman on a minus-possession team like the Leafs could be potentially expendable in a trade for Roberto Luongo.

Not that I dislike Gardiner, he's just a fascinating case, and I want to learn more about him.

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The Outsiders: Marlies Defensemen

Gus Katsaros
October 23 2012 07:13AM

Korbinian Holzer is likely the latest graduate to join the Maple Leafs once this lockout ends. There aren’t many candidates to immediately join him.

Just like how we looked at forwards with an outside chance of becoming full time Leafs, this is going to focus on the blueline and look at Mike Kostka, Jesse Blacker and Mark Fraser.

Mike Kostka

This is the sexy choice, the undrafted feel-good story who had emerged as a reliable two-way rearguard with an outside chance of an addition on an NHL blueline.

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MacArthur off to Germany

Ryan Fancey
October 23 2012 07:02AM

Leafs' winger Clarke MacArthur has jetted to the 2nd German League to play for Eispiraten Crimmitschau. This was reported this morning by Paul Romanuk, or "the best World Juniors commentator ever" as he's known in some circles.

Romanuk says it's "confirmed" that MacArthur is going there. Was there a swirl of rumors surrounding this that I happened to miss out on?

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Malkin & Kulemin light it up, Ovechkin scores and gets punchy, and more KHL Highlights

Steve Dangle
October 22 2012 11:04PM

Lots of KHL goodness today. Malkin puts up 4 points and helps Nikolai Kulemin get two of his own, Ovechkin scores and helps Nicklas Backstrom get his first KHL point, and he gets a little punchy, too.


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