Leafs Roster Preview - Nazem Kadri

Bobby Cappuccino
September 23 2014 10:19AM

Now that he’s not the camp fatty, there hasn’t been a heck of a lot of negativity surrounding Kadri heading into the season. Sure, there were talks of moving him all summer, but that all proved to be for naught - which isn't surprising now that there’s a new regime that values things that Naz does well. 

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Managing expectations for Joffrey Lupul

Ryan Fancey
September 23 2014 07:40AM

#481549507 / gettyimages.com

Over the last few weeks, as is tradition in Toronto, it appears that people have started to ask for more of these Leafs. More of what? More of everything. More from everyone.

There's always plenty of criticism kicking around for a team that has barely done anything positive in a decade, and you'll find it here often. But sometimes we start to want more from players that simply don't have it to give. Most recently, one of those players is Joffrey Lupul.

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Leafs Postgame - Leafs Down Flyers in Preseason Shootout Win

Justin Fisher
September 22 2014 08:53PM

It's nice that hockey is back, even if it was only a preseason game, and even if that preseason game wasn't that particularly thrilling. Facing off in London, Ontario, the Leafs defeated the Flyers this evening by a score of 3-2, digging a hole throughout the first half of the game (as is tradition), then fighting back to force overtime and eventually win it in a shootout (which isn't tradition at all). 

It's great to see the Leafs get a win and all, but preseason games are fun for one fun reason and one fun reason only - watching guys earn their full time roster spot. That didn't really happen tonight, save for former top-pairing defender Korbinian Holzer, who I'd say took the early lead in winning that last 'D' spot. 

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Leafs Cut Ten Players From Camp

Justin Fisher
September 22 2014 05:31PM

Dave Nonis and Co. completed a little bit of house cleaning earlier today, cutting ten players from Leafs camp as the team prepares for a busy week of preseason action. 

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Monday Mailbag: Back and Rebooted

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 22 2014 03:02PM


We finally got rid of our broken mail truck! These new ones are such piles of junk, it was just always in the shop. What we did instead, was we renovated an old one. Just pimped it the hell out. 

..anyway, the mailbag is back for another season. Instead of being our "Jeff has a self-imposed quota to reach" machine, I'll be taking in questions to answer every Monday. From now on, If you would like to take part, please tweet at our official twitter (@TLNdc), or leave your questions in these comments and I'll obtain this top secret (highly public) data and turn the best questions into mediocre answers.

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