Despite Losses, Babcock Has Leafs Headed In Right Direction

Jeff Veillette
October 27 2015 07:05PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs haven't had the best go at things to start the season. Nobody is going to deny that; a simple look at the standings shows a team that's tied for the penultimate spot in the league's standings, bringing together their 1-5-2 record to begin the year. 

Things haven't been going the right way for the Leafs. One goal games are ending the wrong way. Jonathan Bernier still has a habit of letting in the first shot, and James Reimer's save percentage is a bigger throwback to the 80's than Back To The Future Day was. But beyond the goals for and goals against, there have been some bright spots, and a lot of it comes from above.

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Is Mike Babcock too soft? #MyColumn

Bobby Cappuccino
October 27 2015 03:00PM

When Mike Babcock was hired this offseason, culture change was promised. He was going to work these guys. Pound them into being better players and better human beings. But so far, his coddling of skill players and lack of grit leaves a lot to be desired. For someone who talked a lot of game, he hasn't risen to the occasion.

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Leafs Send Down Froese and Recall Casey Bailey From the Marlies

Jon Steitzer
October 27 2015 02:10PM

In advance of the game against the Rangers on Friday, the Maple Leafs have made a couple of moves to shake up the lineup. 

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Friedman's Comments on Justin Johnson Contract Bring Up Intriguing Concept

Cat Silverman
October 27 2015 11:38AM

Elliotte Friedman starts every one of his 30 Thoughts articles with a heavy, in-depth lede. 

His actual 30 thoughts are usually anywhere from a sentence to a small paragraph, but the heavy lede goes into depth about something thought-provoking. The topic ranges from trades to coaches, salaries to women's hockey - but this time, the topic was a salary breakdown not at the NHL level, but in the AHL. 

The Toronto Marlies have a player under contract this year by the name of Justin Johnson - and his contract, according to Friedman, could be a minor league game changer. 

*read Elliotte Friedman's full 30 Thoughts Here*

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LFR9 - Game 8 - Dog Days - Ari 4, Tor 3

Steve Dangle
October 27 2015 08:39AM

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 10.22.42 AM

The Leafs lost again but no more of this sunshine and rainbows stuff. The team wasn't good enough and that's why they lost. That and Max Domi is great.

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