Dallas Eakins heads to Edmonton

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
June 09 2013 08:55PM

While no papers have been signed, it is believed by many in the hockey media that Dallas Eakins will be departing from the Toronto Marlies to become the new head coach of the Edmonton Oilers. Eakins was in, fittingly, Dallas while this news came out, for an interview with the Stars, but will officially sign on as early as tomorrow. This concludes a couple of weeks of speculation, that saw Eakins interview with Edmonton, Dallas, New York, Vancouver, and Colorado.  Naturally, there's some stuff to look at with a move like this.

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Reports: Eakins to join Oilers, Komarov to KHL

Cam Charron
June 09 2013 01:43PM

Two bits of Leafs news today...

Dallas Eakins leaving to the NHL was essentially a done deal. When the Leafs decided to go with Randy Carlyle next season and leave Eakins with the Toronto Marlies, unless the Leafs fired Carlyle a year into his contract, Eakins would get his NHL shot with somebody else. With half a dozen teams needing to fill coaching vacancies, and possibly still more to come, it was unlikely that a team would pass over one of the most successful AHL coaches.

Jeffler will have more on Eakins a bit later. He's covered the Marlies for years at this blog and his own Marlies HQ.

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Why You Don't Trade Phil Kessel

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
June 07 2013 11:33AM

Dave Feschuk put out an article in the Toronto Star today that caught my attention. His point is in no way ambiguous, being the direct headline; the Maple Leafs should trade Phil Kessel. In his eyes, "there's never been a better time". It's hard to call an opinion piece wrong, but you can make some judgements. My judgments are that his conclusions are poor, and that his basis is flawed. Let's look through it.

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"Trade Phil Kessel" suggests Toronto Star writer

Cam Charron
June 07 2013 08:45AM

There are a lot of Torontonians who like to talk about hockey. Consequently, there are a lot of Torontonians who discuss hockey very well and are a pleasure to make conversation with. This is part of the reason I joined the Toronto Maple Leafs blogosphere, because I found myself interacting online with many intelligent members of the Leafs community.

The flip side is that there are also lots of people who talk about "re-setting the standards of a once-proud NHL franchise" and honestly believe that any team in the modern NHL will be able to win handfuls of Stanley Cups in short periods of time. These are also the types of people who believe that the Leafs' issues don't result from a lack of depth, but that the team's best players are to blame for its shortcomings.

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Yakov Mironov's Leaflets: Addition Edition

Jon Steitzer
June 06 2013 11:28AM


Last week Jeff Schultz of the Washington Capitals let it be known that he has been unhappy with his ice time over the past two seasons and is looking to move on. Coincidentally the Toronto Maple Leafs are team with a horrible defense and are in the market for players that can improve their blue line. And while Edmonton seems to be collecting Schultz’s like they’re Pokemon, it’s at least considering whether Schultz makes sense for Toronto.

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