Leafs Nation round table - Jordan Eberle

Cam Charron
September 02 2012 10:53AM

This may be an extended offseason, so to break up the time, some of the writers on TLN are exchanging emails to each other, discussing the Toronto Maple Leafs and NHL hockey as whole. Today's topic is Jordan Eberle, who has signed a six-year, $36MM extension and has divided the hockey world into camps that believe Eberle is a superstar, and those that believe his high point totals from last season hinged on luck.

From: Cam Charron
To: Gus Katsaros, JP Nikota
Subj: Jordan Eberle 

I wonder how long it will be until boxcar statistics like goals and assists stop being the prime measure for player performance. With so much variation year-to-year, there's no way that's indicative of the true talent of a hockey player.

Take a guy like Nik Kulemin from last season. As far as a Leafs player in the top-six goes, he's big and strong and fast and possesses these remarkable traits, kept the puck out of his own end, was strong in the neutral zone and was virtually everything Toronto expects out of one of their wingers.

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Nation Radio - September 1, 2012

September 02 2012 09:38AM

Allan, in front, does the show while Kent Wilson (note the glorious mustache) and henchmen watch

It's the labour day long weekend! While most everyone was out enjoying the long weekend, drinking a beer or watching the kids run around for the last, few, short hours before school starts again, Allan Mitchell was hunched over a desk, calling people enjoying the break, and demanding they talk to him about hockey. A surprisingly large group of helpful experts not only answered the phone but also answered his questions - and here we are.

This is Nation Radio. 

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Kulemin: Toronto or Magnitogorsk?

Andrey Osadchenko
September 01 2012 10:49AM

With September the 15th approaching fast, NHL players can’t help but start looking at their respective plan Bs. For some of them, like Nikolai Kulemin, finding a new place with a fat paycheque won’t be a problem.

The Leafs winger was born in Magnitogorsk, Russia and began his pro career with the local Metallurg. His agent Gary Grinstein recently said via Sovetsky Sport that his client is more than likely to spend the season in his hometown if the lockout occurs.

‘Metallurg Magnitogorsk, who owns Nikolai’s rights in the KHL, has already stated they are interested in him,’ said Grinstein. ‘However, nobody wants another lockout. So the battle will go on until the 15th of September. If the lockout happens, Nikolai will play in Magnitogorsk. I’m not going to lie, though, he has a few other offers from the KHL.’

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Lindy's Sports, and other new business

Cam Charron
August 31 2012 01:16PM

Just to update you on some of the proceedings around The Leafs Nation HQ.

As a website, we've had a very good summer. Even without any Maple Leafs hockey to discuss, we're drawing people in to talk hockey and our readership has grown substantially. So to all of our new and returning readers, thanks.

Another order of business, Lindy's Sports' Leafs magazine recently dropped into newsstands. For $10, you can get cover-to-cover quality Leafs content, and there's quite a bit of TLN representation in there. JP Nikota, as well as our new man Gus Katsaros, are both prominently featured. I also have an article on the state of the Leafs' defence, fancystat-free, with a small exerpt here:

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The Essential Toronto Maple Leafs Goal

Danny Gray
August 31 2012 10:19AM


If you're signing pictures of a goal, you know it's a big deal. 

A continuation of The Leafs Nation's 'Essentials' series. For our favourite games, click here. For Bitter Leaf's full Essentials series at Puck Daddy, click here.

Danny: Mats Sundin's Game Six goal in 2002 to send it to OT
JP: Joe Nieuwendyk's second Game Seven goal in 2004
Steve: Any of Steve Thomas' OT winners from the playoffs
Ryan: Sundin's 500th
Cam: Sundin's 500th

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