Toronto Maple Leafs Post-Game: Let Me Clear My Throat

Cat Silverman
October 21 2015 08:22PM

Three Cheers for the tank battle!

Confession: as much as I want to harp about the number of reasons I hate the shootout, I'd much rather just point out how much I love Buffalo's goal song. No one can take that away from me. 

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LGD: Let the Tank Battle Begin

Jon Steitzer
October 21 2015 10:29AM

It's Leafs hockey time again. It seems like this has been an incredibly rare occurrence, but here we are getting ready to watch the sixth game of the season and in Buffalo of all places.

The two teams that will battle for the basement, and battled for Babcock over the summer finally meet head to head and we get to take in the wonder that is Jack Eichel for the first time, while Buffalo fans are likely being treated to the exciting return of Martin Marincin to the Leafs lineup. 

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Marner and Dermott to Represent the OHL in the Canada/Russia Series

Jon Steitzer
October 21 2015 09:39AM

It may not be much of a surprise but the two highest drafted Leafs prospects from the 2015 Draft have been selected to participate in one of junior hockey's biggest showcases outside of the World Junior Hockey Championship.

Corey Pronman has reported that both Travis Dermott and Mitch Marner will be playing for the OHL next month against the Russian team.

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Babcock is who we thought he was, thankfully

Ryan Fancey
October 21 2015 09:13AM

With only a handful of games in the books for the Leafs and much of the league, it's obviously a little early to start drawing any conclusions about anything at this point. As a general rule, the cut-off for making any big statements about the hockey season falls around the 20-game mark or so. We've always been outlaws over here at TLN though.

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Back to the Future

Jon Steitzer
October 21 2015 07:52AM


Thirty years ago today a mad scientist and a time travelling Delorean brought young Wendel Clark 30 years into the future from 1985. The hope was that he would have travelled far enough into the future to see the Leafs win the Stanley Cup. Instead of seeing a bright new future filled with endless possibilities, it just seems to be a lot like 1985 with some flashy new technology.

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