Pay The Captain His Money

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
November 07 2013 03:18PM

Not long after locking up Phil Kessel for the next eight years, the Toronto Maple Leafs are zeroing in on locking up another core piece. As I'm sure you've all read, the Toronto Maple Leafs are in negotiations to retain Captain Dion Phaneuf for the long haul. Acquired in the second year of a 6-Year, $39 Million contract signed with the Calgary Flames, Phaneuf would be an unrestricted free agent if he walked away from the Leafs' offers.

Nick Kypreos suggested on October 29th that Phaneuf has set the bar for himself at 7 years, $50 million, for a cap hit of $7.14 million dollars. The Leafs are still looking to chip that number down, and as such, no pen has been put to paper. Meanwhile, Leafs Nation has had some time to absorb the numbers and adjust their feelings towards the team's top defenceman. 

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Morgan Rielly the odd man out

Steve Dangle
November 07 2013 02:52PM

With the announcement that Mark Fraser is ready to return to the Leafs' lineup after a knee injury, I speculated who would come out of the Leafs' lineup for Friday night's game. As expected, based on everybody and their dog's reports, it looks like Morgan Rielly. 

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Counterpoint: Smithson signing shows lack of institutional creativity

Cam Charron
November 06 2013 04:15PM

Well, it appears the Toronto Maple Leafs have "fixed" their hole at centre, luring mercenary Jerred Smithson out of retirement limbo and onto his fourth National Hockey League club in the last three seasons.

No, that's not a typo, and no, Smithson is exactly the wrong kind of player you want to look at when you're thinking about adding an experienced centreman. Smithson hasn't played above 12 minutes a game since the 2010-2011 season, and over the last two seasons has been hockey's worst offensive producer among forwards by an absolute longshot.

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Leafs Sign Jerred Smithson

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
November 06 2013 03:17PM

It looks like the Leafs are taking the temporary fix route to their centre crisis, signing Jerred Smithson to a 1-year contract ahead of Friday's game against the New Jersey Devils. While not the big splash that some were hoping for, it's probably the sanest move. Why? Read on. 

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Mark Fraser ready to return

Steve Dangle
November 06 2013 12:45PM

                                           Photo courtesy of Jason Schwabe

As Sportsnet 590 the Fan reporter David Alter mentioned on the Steve Dangle Podcast last week, it looks like the Leafs will be getting defenceman Mark Fraser back from a knee injury for Friday's game against the New Jersey Devils.

Will he actually play? That doesn't seem like it's written in stone.

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