LFR7 - Game 15 - Boll'd Over - Tor 0, Van 4

Steve Dangle
November 03 2013 04:46PM

Worst game of the season? Dave Bolland's out? WHY DID THEY GO TO VANCOUVER???

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - November 3, 2013 - Oh snap, David Alter!

Steve Dangle
November 03 2013 03:20PM



On the new episode of the Steve Dangle Podcast, Sportsnet 590 the Fan Leafs reporter David Alter joins the show for a second time, and the first time since the Nazem Kadri Twitter incident. We talk all things Leafs, including what the hell they do with Dave Bolland out of the lineup, and other funny stories.

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Leafs postgame - Leafs lose composure, David Bolland, and 4-0 game in Vancouver

Cam Charron
November 02 2013 08:43PM

Well, that wasn't a particularly good outing, but I have to imagine that at the end of the season when we're looking over times when we could have expected more out of the Maple Leafs, we won't be pointing at this recent road trip. The Maple Leafs took two of three games, and you can blame the West Coast game, or the long ceremony, or whatever, but in the end the effort the Leafs showed against the Vancouver Canucks was inexcusable. Both teams played in the same conditions on the same rink.

Remember, the last time the Maple Leafs laid an egg on national television on a Saturday night, Toronto came back and won three straight four out of five. The sun will rise in the East tomorrow, the sky is still up in the sky, and the Leafs are still 10-5. While the game was disappointing on a number of levels, probably the only real regrettable thing is that the Leafs may have lost David Bolland for a significant amount of time on an unfortunate hit in the corner.

The final was 4-0 for Vancouver, despite James Reimer's best efforts.

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Nikolai Kulemin activated and Tyler Bozak placed on long-term IR

Cam Charron
November 02 2013 02:45PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs officially activated Nikolai Kulemin from injured reserve today, meaning the team was going to have to make a roster move to be salary cap compliant. That move is to put Tyler Bozak retroactively on the injured reserve, which, according to David Alter, means Bozak won't be eligible to return until November 21 against Nashville.

Bozak is a bit of a divisive player around here, but generally it's accepted that he's not an optimal first line centreman in the National Hockey League and not an optimal linemate for star wingers Phil Kessel and James van Riemsdyk.

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LGD - Game 15: Leafs @ Canucks - Pavel

Cam Charron
November 02 2013 12:03PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs are in Vancouver tonight, where they must begin games at 4:00 local time rather than the customary 7:00, and this annoys Vancouverites for some reason. Vancouver finds ways to be annoyed by Toronto, just as Toronto likes to be annoyed by Vancouver, despite nobody in either of these two cities ever displaying evidence they've been to the other.

The two hockey teams don't have a rivalry. Technically, they used to be in the same Conference, and they once played a playoff series. They don't play enough to have any sort of animosity between the two teams, and the only reason I can think of that the Canucks are retiring Pavel Bure's number tonight is that it will be the national broadcast game.

By the way, Pavel Bure was great. He's the reason a lot of kids born in the late 1980s in Vancouver (pictured above) became hockey fans, and the early 1990s Canucks teams practically saved the club after stagnant attendance in the 80s. Everybody was just tired of getting their asses kicked in by Edmonton and Calgary every night. The Canucks are retiring No. 10 (and they'll probably ignore that brief period of time that Bure wore No. 96) and finally recognizing the first homegrown Hall of Famer in franchise history.

And then they'll play the Leafs.

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