A Promise to the NHL and NHLPA

Jonathan Willis
September 15 2012 01:38PM

Today is September 15, the expiration of the collective bargaining agreement between the NHL and NHLPA. Tonight, barring an 11th-hour miracle, the league will lock out its players and begin yet another in a seemingly endless cycle of work stoppages.

If that happens, I have a promise to both sides.

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The Leafs By The Numbers- #1

Danny Gray
September 15 2012 11:33AM

Not that you’re likely to remember but a few months ago I thought it would be a good idea to copy the excellent “ABC’s of the Senators” over at Silver Seven Sens by writing a post on the greatest player in Leafs’ history for each letter of the alphabet. I had a list saved in a document with names for almost every letter. The problem was that there were too many names on some letters and I’m terribly indecisive. I mean Sundins, Sittler, Salming, Smythe, how could I choose one and not the other. So I decided to re-jig the project and use sweater numbers instead. Since we don’t have any hockey to talk about I think a few history lessons on some of the great, and lesser known Leafs would distract us from the fact that there are no games to watch. There are 72 numbers to cover, let’s get started.  


30 players have worn the #1 for the Maple Leafs, all of them goalies. Apparently Jim Rutherford, current GM of the Carolina Hurricanes wore the number when he played goal for the Leafs. I was not aware of that. I’ve decided that I’ll break each number down in the Best, Worst, and most random or surprising person to wear the number. Here we go:

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September 14 2012 07:55PM


With all the hoopla surrounding the lockout on the horizon and the Economics of the arena dominating the news, the Sports Section looks more like the Business Section these days. Who doesn't love a riveting cost analysis diagram where there should be a breakdown of the Oilers training camp line up? And we would rather see an interview with Fehr and Bettman wearing rumpled suits and rumplier faces than the Nuge all sweaty and talking about skating any day.


Anywhoo, we thought we would pose a question as it relates to a conundrum for the Nation if this is how things are going to be. An entire article surrounding the economics of the Nation Network. On a Friday night with no hockey in sight. Bleak huh?

You're welcome.

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Jake Gardiner, a goals against retrospective, Part IV

Cam Charron
September 14 2012 01:36PM

Jake Gardiner was on the ice for 62 even strength goals against last season, and Lord help us if we don't go through each and every one to try and pin the blame on somebody else. 

We have so far gone through 20 goals that Jake Gardiner was on the ice for. In Part IV, we tackle six more. Generally, the theme has been that Gardiner's mistakes have been amplified by poor play from teammates, notably Tyler Bozak, Joffrey Lupul and Luke Schenn.

What will we find today?

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Upcoming Leafs Milestones

Danny Gray
September 14 2012 06:21AM

If and when the season begins there are a few Leafs players who are set to achieve some personal and team milestones. Since we’re not exactly sure what the next few months will hold this will give us something positive to look forward to once the season starts up again. Most of these predictions assume an 82 game season which at this point is unlikely but whatever.

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