LGD - Game 51: Leafs @ Coyotes - [insert title here]

Cam Charron
January 20 2014 12:22PM

Would a random name generator call anybody 'Mike Smith'?

Going to be a bit of a short LGD today. Justin has his prospect rankings coming down the pipe, and I want to discuss Nazem Kadri's game against the Montreal Canadiens, but I took some time off to go to the NFC Championship on Sunday and have a bunch of checkups at the hospital today. Basically, there isn't a lot of time for me to do much actual hockey writing until Wednesday, so hopefully we'll get to Kadri eventually.

Tonight it's Phoenix and Toronto. Depending how old your older brother is, these are not your older brother's Phoenix Coyotes. They've been cast as a defensive hockey club for a while now, with coach Dave Tippett, but have been having some success with offence this season, as you'll see after the jump. The Leafs play the first of a four-game trip that will see them go to Phoenix (+17 degrees Celsius today) then Denver (+4 degrees) and Dallas (+22) and finally Winnipeg (minus-26).

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Brian Sutherby
January 20 2014 08:55AM

During and after the fireworks in Vancouver on Saturday night, many people wanted to get on Canucks head coach John Tortorella for being so mad. Claiming that if he didn’t want or expect that to happen, he should have put out a more skilled line.

I disagree.

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TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospects Midterm Rankings: Honourable Mentions

Justin Fisher
January 20 2014 07:47AM


(Photo: www.orlandosolarbears.com )

In most cases, being an “honourable mention” is not much to be proud of. Not the case when it comes to our Top 20 Leafs Prospect Midterm Rankings - at least these guys all showed up on someone’s top twenty list! There’s a number of prospects who didn’t, and they brought great shame upon their families. Out of respect, we won’t publish those names.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - January 19, 2014 - Tortorella's & Elbows

Steve Dangle
January 19 2014 04:29PM


On this episode, the guys talk about the Cnaucks-Flames brawl, the Leafs' win over the Habs, what's really wrong with David Clarkson, and the greatest hockey memories ever.

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Introducing the TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospects: Midterm Rankings

Justin Fisher
January 19 2014 02:14PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have played 50 games this season, which is a little more than half the schedule, which makes it still kind of appropriate for The Leafs Nation to release our TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospect Midterm Rankings.

We polled our writers - Cam, Steve, Jeff, Jim, John, Ryan, and yours truly - for their top prospects, threw them into a spreadsheet, worked some mathematical magic, and here we are… the twenty best prospects in the organization, several honourable mentions, and a handful of players who didn’t receive a single vote. Aww :’(

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