The Steve Dangle Podcast - Sep 3, 2015 - Mirtle 2.0

Steve Dangle
September 03 2015 10:42PM


On this episode, James Mirtle returns for his annual Leafs talk, season preview, potential moves, and his new perspectives as a dad.

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TLN Prospect Profile: #2 William Nylander

Bobby Cappuccino
September 03 2015 11:19AM

Figuring out the top 2 prospects in the Leafs system was easy. Figuring out who was 1 and who was 2 wasn't. In fact, final voting of the TLN staff had Mitch Marner and William Nylander separated by 1 point. Of seven voters, three had Nylander in 1st. The debate might have caused some online fistfights on Slack, but cooler heads prevailed when we all thought to ourselves - when was the last time the Leafs had two prospects with this much skill that could cause this much debate as to who is better?

The answer is never. And that's an exciting endorsement of the Leafs system and the high-end ceilings of the crown jewels of that system.

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The Leafs are probably going to sign Steven Stamkos

Ryan Fancey
September 03 2015 05:30AM

The Leafs are probably going to sign Steven Stamkos next summer for an obscene amount of money - a league max contract perhaps. This should sound ridiculous, but in this bizarre era of the team it simply doesn't. You can laugh about it or get all defensive, especially if you're a Tampa fan, but he's not locked up yet and this season is a month away. We've been down this road before. 

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The Leafs Nation Presents: The All-Time Greatest Leafs Team

Justin Fisher
September 02 2015 04:39PM

We did it. It took us nearly a month, but we at TLN have finally named our all-time greatest Leafs team. It's a sight to behold - the organization's best talent, stretching from Babe Dye in 1919 all the way to Phil Kessel in 2015. 

Continue on for a summary of all our All-Time Team picks, as well as our final lineup and All-Time coaching staff. If you disagree with our picks, don't hesitate to leave a comment! You'll still be wrong, since we are right, but hey... 

Kidding! Check out your Toronto Maple Leafs All-Time Team past the jump...

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TLN Prospect Profile #3: Kasperi Kapanen

Cat Silverman
September 02 2015 02:41PM


As we began to go through the prospect rankings here at The Leafs Nation, divvying up which writer would cover which prospect, we came across a roadblock when it came to Kasperi Kapanen. 

Most prospects on the site's list were ranked differently by each writer. A few were somewhat unanimous, but only one - your boy Kapanen here - was universally ranked at the position they ultimately fell in. It was hard to decide who should write about him, since everyone seemed to pretty much be in agreement about where he belonged in the list. It didn't seem fair to pass him off to any one writer - so the team gave him to me, the only writer who didn't participate in the rankings process. 

I guess laziness is good for something, after all. 

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