Defining Mats Sundin's Hall of Fame legacy

Cam Charron
November 13 2012 12:25AM

Mats Sundin's new Hall of Fame plaque reads thusly:

The first European-born player to be drafted first overall in the NHL Entry Draft in 1989, Mats Sundin went on to a 18-year NHL career with Quebec, Toronto and Vancouver. A native of Sweden, he would spent 11 seasons as captain of the Maple Leafs, the longest servicing non-North American captain in NHL history, while becoming the first from his country to score 500 goals and record 1,000 points. Also an Olympic gold medallist in 2006, Sundin was named a 2nd Team All-Star twice and finished his career with 564 goals, the 21st best total in NHL history, along with 785 assists and 1,349 points.

That doesn't really tell you much about the type of player he was, or what his legacy ought to be.

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It doesn't make sense to compare Sundin and Alfredsson

Cam Charron
November 12 2012 05:55PM

"If you ask a Senators fans to create a Mount Rushmore of comic genius, it will include George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce and Daniel Alfredsson pretending to throw his broken stick" famed Leafs blogger Sean McIndoe once wrote about the dumbest moment of the Toronto-Ottawa rivalry. That always stuck with me.

Today, Ian Mendes of the Ottawa Citizen's 'Senators Extra' feature brought that up as "one of the most galvanizing—if not humorous—incidents between the two clubs."

When you look back at Daniel Alfredsson's career once it's over, I'm sure it will merit some Hall of Fame talk. It isn't fair to him right now to be compared to Mats Sundin. For much of Alfredsson's career, he played in Sundin's shadow. The Senators were 0-4 against the Leafs' in the playoffs and it wasn't until after the lockout that Ottawa managed success on their own merit, with a conference final and a Stanley Cup bid.

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Leafs Prospect Update: November 12th, 2012

Justin Fisher
November 12 2012 05:52PM

Every Monday, our man Justin Fisher will break down the weekend that was for various Leaf prospects worldwide. Last week's report can be found here.

The United States Hockey League is an easy league to forget about when checking in on prospects, and understandably so. The top junior league in the U.S, the USHL is often a one year stopgap for young players heading to the NCAA. 

Fargo Force forward Dominic Toninato, Toronto’s 5th round pick in the 2012 Draft, is the only Maple Leafs prospect currently playing in the USHL, and hey, he’s been playing pretty damn good as of late.

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11th of November

November 11 2012 02:13PM

On November 11th, 1918 the leading nations of the world finally put a stop to the largest display of industrial self-immolating lunacy it had ever seen (but sadly would not ever see). In four years, the belligerent nations of the Allied and Central Powers had managed to annihilate roughly 17 million souls, both military and civilian. At the Somme, a small section of river in Northeastern France, the two managed to combine to destroy 1 million men in just over a year. Today the Somme is referred to by some as the graveyard of armies.

All of this accomplished very little, as the world would dance again to the same nihilistic tune for a new generation.

That war would see mankind throw approximately 60 million souls, both military and civilian, into the abyss.

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KHL Top 10's

Steve Dangle
November 11 2012 11:55AM

Hey did you hear Gary Bettman and Don Fehr were talking about the Collective Barg-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Here are your Top 10 KHL Goals, Saves, and Hits of the Week! The KHL has been on a mini-break but return to action on Wednesday. Enjoy!

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