Sober second thoughts: The "Meltdown in Beantown"

Cam Charron
May 15 2013 10:12AM

I don't want to re-hash "The Game" or analyze what went wrong for Toronto in the waning minutes of Game 7 against the Boston Bruins. I will indicate, however, that it's not like all levels of the Leafs capitulated in the end—offence, defence and goaltending.

A series of highly unlikely events took place in a sequenced order that makes the probability of Game 7's ending even more unlikely.

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Marlies Assignments And You!

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 14 2013 09:58PM

Something happened on Monday that I won't direclty mention, because the majority of you are showing signs of post-traumatic stress. But it's lead to the focus in Toronto hockey to go, at least for a bit, to the Marlies. They're in the second round against the Grand Rapids Griffins, and after suffering a 7-0 game 1 loss, rebounded to tie the series heading into Wednesday's game three. As it stands, the Marlies still appear to be favourites to win the series, but you know what could make them better? The return of some key players to push them over the top.

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LFR6 - Round 1, Game 7 - Bos-stunned

Steve Dangle
May 14 2013 05:29PM


It's over until it starts again.

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The Morning After, and Beyond

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
May 14 2013 10:49AM

It's almost exactly like I imagined it to be.

An initial punch to the stomach at the hands of an inexperienced defenceman. Bad thoughts seeping through, until the very same guy takes your villainous feelings and turns them into heroism, tying the game and taking the lead. The young star forward, with the weight of the world on his shoulders, having the period of his life. Those intense final minutes, followed by four blares of that iconic goal horn, and "Zombie Nation" as the crowd cheers.

Exactly like I imagined it as a kid. Except I didn't really see the Boston Bruins taking Toronto's post-goal festivities and possibly giving millions of people in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond a severe case of PTSD.

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Leafs suffer heartbreak: Blow late lead and lose 5-4 in G7 (OT)

Cam Charron
May 13 2013 09:33PM

Jared Wickerham/Getty via NHLInteractive

Sports are the best.

Sports are the worst.

Sports break your heart. At some point each season, the championship aspirations of the teams we follow end one-by-one. It's like an Agatha Christie novel. In the meantime, we have things to cheer about. Things to swell us up with civic pride, the feeling of community, the visual and aesthetic appeal of watching our favourite athletes do things we could never do, and doing it for us, with the logo we've grown up cheering for on their chest, representing us.

Monday night was the Toronto Maple Leafs' turn and like zombies, thousands of hockey fans will walk away from Maple Leaf Square hanging their heads. But they'll be hanging their heads because for the first time in nine years, the Maple Leafs had a chance. For the first time in nine years, they last just a little bit longer than all the experts thought they would.

Leafs lose 5-4 in Game 7 overtime after losing a late 4-1 lead.

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