Flames Scoring Chances - Game 57 versus Toronto Maple Leafs

Kent Wilson
February 14 2012 09:47PM




Final Score: 5-1 W

Final Summary


Head-to-head ice


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Driving The Bus: A look at the Leafs' new lines

Cam Charron
February 14 2012 06:11PM

On Monday, news was made when Maple Leafs head coach Ron Wilson decided to shake up his lines, most notably moving Tim Connolly to the wing and Nikolai Kulemin down to the third line.

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Matt Frattin Interview

Pension Plan Puppets
February 14 2012 05:04PM

Editor's Note : Andrey Osadchenko is back with another interview with a Leafs prospect. This time he speaks to the player that finished 8th on PPP's Top 25 Under 25.

It's really surprising to learn that despite having never played in the CHL, the Leafs drafted you 99th overall in the 4th round, which is huge. Were you surprised you got picked so high?

Yeah, I was playing juniors in Alberta. I kind of had a feeling I was going to get drafted but I didn't know with who. I talked to Toronto and I talked to a bunch of teams... I had a pretty good year that year. It was definitely as high as I thought I was going to go.

How did that happen that you never played in the CHL in the first place?

I went to college. I couldn't play in the CHL because otherwise I couldn't go to the college. So I went to college. I went to North Dakota for 4 years. For it was either college or CHL. I chose college.

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Dating Within The Division

Pension Plan Puppets
February 14 2012 08:02AM

Editor's Note: This is an entry in our search for Fresh Blood at TLN. Every possible contributor will get three posts to strut their stuff and then we'll ask you readers to help us choose who is going to join.  

By: John Lofranco @jtlinmtl

It's Valentine's Day, and whether you buy into the whole thing or not, everyone is talking about love, so let's get to it. Games like last Saturday night's can be a strain on my relationship. Not only do I get grumpy when the Leafs lose (I'm sure many of you are familiar with this feeling), but to make matters worse, my fiancée is a Habs fan.

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Leafs Nation Podcast

February 13 2012 09:27AM


I hope you all have your ear trumpets spit polished and ready to go, because Julian Sanchez and Kent Wilson joined me this week for The Leafs Nation's third ever podcast. With Kent around, there's bound to be some Flames chatter, and a handful of Matt Stajan jokes, so follow me over the jump for a listen.

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