Toronto: a tale of two teams

Cam Lewis
January 23 2015 08:00AM

It’s been a tale of two teams in Toronto this season. On one hand, you have the Leafs who seemed to be legitimate playoff contenders in mid-December, but on the other, you have the team who has fallen off a cliff by the All-Star break. The Leafs have lost their last six games and fans appear to be draft watching at this point, a far cry from where they were just two months ago when they were in the midst of a six game winning streak. 

When things were riding high for the Leafs, they had a stretch between Nov. 20 and Dec. 16 where they went 10-1-1, improving their record from 9-8-2 to 19-9-3. Since Dec. 18, which was the end of their six game winning streak, the Leafs have gone 3-14-0. Over that time, their record has fallen from a very respectable 19-9-3 all the way to 22-23-3. 

So which of these two versions of the Toronto Maple Leafs is legitimate? Are they as good as they seemed to be back in early December when times were good, or are they as bad as they are right now in the thick of their longest losing streak of the season? Let’s break down each streak and see.

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Cutting out the Middlemen

Jeff Veillette
January 23 2015 07:42AM


I tend to roll my eyes a lot at old-school media types, particularly when attempt to connect a player's birthplace to their potential value to a hockey team. Real dinosaurs are still yet to be sold that Europeans play the same sport, and some of those will even include Quebec as the unknown member of the EU. Those who aren't jurassic but are still delusional will often suggest that [team here] will only succeed if they're loaded with a core from [home state or province]. Really, it shouldn't matter where you're from, just how well you play.

But let me take a page out of their book for just one day - could the Leafs benefit from completely removing the prairie provinces from the organization?

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The Roundup

Nation World HQ
January 23 2015 07:30AM


The loser point, Leafs piling up losses, David Clarkson, Flames buying or selling, Jeff Petry, an Oilers cartoon, skill players fighting and more in this week's Roundup.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Jan 22, 2015 - Skillz

Steve Dangle
January 22 2015 09:44PM


On this episode, the guys talk cool ideas for the All-Star Game, the draft, and school stories.

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Justin and Jeffler Pick Their All-Star Teams

Justin Fisher
January 22 2015 07:43PM

With the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft a day away, both myself and Jeff decided to do a fun exercise in which we'd select our own All-Star teams. But then Bobby Cappuccino showed up and decided to crap all over our selections, which is just so typical of him.

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