LGD - Game 79: Jets @ Leafs - Stayin' Alive

Justin Fisher
April 05 2014 10:27AM

After Winnipeg's playoff hopes were dashed following Thursday's loss to Pittsburgh, the Jets will arrive in Toronto looking to play spoilers as the Leafs continue their uphill battle for the East's final wild card spot. Way to go Winnipeg... You're already a disappointment to one fan base, now you gotta get all up in Toronto's grill? Lame, bro.

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Ben Smith keeps Toronto alive with buzzer-beating goal

Cam Charron
April 04 2014 11:15PM

It's not exactly like us to write about other teams here, but the playoff chase has gotten extremely interesting. Columbus and Chicago played a back and forth game that was knotted at 3 when Smith broke the hearts of the Blue Jackets announcers, tucking in a backhander on a mad scramble with 4 seconds left on the clock.

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Toronto Marlies Clinch Playoff Spot

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 04 2014 09:40PM


With a rough loss against the Utica Comets tonight and a Rochester Americans win against the Binghamton Senators, the Toronto Marlies had another delay in their pursuit of their third consecutive North Division title. But flying under the radar were the Charlotte Checkers, the only non-playoff team who could theoretically overtake the Marlies in points. Tonight, they lost to the San Antonio Rampage, and the Marlies clinched their playoff spot.

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Marlies Lose 5-1 To Utica

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
April 04 2014 08:22PM


With the Toronto Marlies facing the Utica Comets and the Rochester Americans facing the Binghamton Senators tonight, it looked like it was just the right occasion for the blue and white to clinch their division title. After all, all they needed was to gain a point, or for Rochester to lose one. However, the absolute worst case scenario happened; Rochester got two points, and the Marlies had their worst period of the season en route to a 5-1 loss.

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Toronto Star writer singlehandedly turns hockey world against Maple Leafs

Cam Charron
April 04 2014 01:38PM

With just one article.

It really is incredible. One of the reasons I've been blogging less than I was at the start of the season is because I don't feel as obligated to, so rather than look to find something to write about, I write about something when I think about something or am feeling a certain way. At this point, I'm thinking that the Toronto Star needs to shut it all down. Just end it. This is absurd.

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