Ottawa Senators: Low Hanging Fruit

Pension Plan Puppets
September 23 2011 05:27AM

Image courtesy of  @mhenderson95

The Ottawa Senators have not had the best possible offseason. They are a rebuilding team but signed a competent but unproven goalie (ask the Leafs how that works out for your draft pick), they hired another first-time NHL coach who will keep the seat warm for Bryan Murray for at least a few months, and they are still owned by Eugene Melnyk.

But could things get worse? Sure, look at the image above. They can always get worse.

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Leafs 4 - Flyers 2: Jody Shelley Is A Scumbag

Pension Plan Puppets
September 21 2011 08:06PM

Image courtesy of @BroadStHockey

As if hockey fans needed any reminder that garbage players like Jody Shelley do not belong in the NHL. Thankfully, for those that still refuse to acknowledge reality, a hearty reality check was in place. Twitter blew up as there were a number of dirty hits in the NHL tonight and unfortunately, Darryl Boyce was a victim. The strange thing is that the Leafs iced noted pugilist Colton Orr and his understudy Jay Rosehill and yet despite that deterrent famed scumbag Jody Shelley from laying a blatant hit from behind.

More of Shelley's handiwork after the jump

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What They’re Saying About The Toronto Maple Leafs

Jonathan Willis
September 21 2011 11:37AM

With a new season come new hockey magazines, many of which offer some insight into the Toronto Maple Leafs. After the jump, Leafs Nation will look at what eight different publications had to say about the fortunes of the blue and white – ranked by where each publication projects the Leafs to finish in 2011-12.

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Leafs Head to Philly

September 21 2011 10:14AM

I hear last night's game against Philly was fantastic and a great time was had by all. I didn't watch the game because it was the preseason. However I know some of you like to watch preseason hockey even if personally it serves only to enrage me when things go poorly so here's a preview.

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Leafs vs.Flyers Re-Cap: Separating the Men from the Marlies

Danny Gray
September 21 2011 05:47AM


Look, it's the pre-season. These games are a chance for the guys who know their job is safe to their legs under them, they guys on the bubble to prove the belong, and everyone else to show management what they can offer the team in the future. The only thing we should take away from tonight is that: Oh man are the Marlies going to be fun to watch this year.

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