Sometimes a BeLeafer (New writer!!!)

Margo Tzemis
January 16 2014 01:34PM

Hey Everyone!

My name is Margo and I am a new writer for the this site. I'm really excited to have this opportunity and look forward to making you all laugh, cringe and occasionally get riled up with my comments.

I was born and raised in Toronto, but have only been a Leaf fan since 1998. I was a Wayne Gretzky fan as a kid, so the Kings were my favourite team. I used to play NHL 93 for Sega Genesis, and would rarely (if ever) choose the Leafs. I had much more fun fighting with Marty McSorley! Once Gretzky left LA, my loyalty wavered and I slowly gravitated towards the Leafs. Once they signed Curtis Joseph and brought Pat Quinn on as head coach, I was hooked.

That being said, I've been a die-hard fan since then. I've celebrated, yelled, thrown things and cried along with many of you over the past 16 years. Ok, not sure how many of you have cried watching the Leafs, but I have. I'll admit it. I'll get to that in a bit...

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Leafs postgame - You won't believe the streak the Leafs broke with their win tonight

Cam Charron
January 15 2014 09:17PM


One of my favourite things about TSN broadcasting Leafs games, other than not having to listen to Greg Millen, is that TSN's producers and statisticians are all legitimate hockey fans who would crank out absurd trivia like the factoid above. This was the Leafs first win on the home half of a back-to-back after winning the road game, apparently, since 2009.

I'm not sure what the genesis of such a statistic would be. It's not like there's a big database of trivia available. You have to go searching. Some producer, probably in his 20s, was kicking dirt around in the pre-production meeting saying "you know, as a Leaf fan, it seems the Leafs never win these games…" and then spent 5 minutes on Hockey Reference.

Was it a "real" win? I mean, it (again) took the shootout to beat the Buffalo Sabres, but in the words of Socrates, "two points is two points" and Toronto took back a three-point lead in the Wild Card race with their third consecutive win.

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LGD - Game 49: Sabres @ Leafs - Peter Holland's zone exits

Cam Charron
January 15 2014 12:55PM

Pictured: Zemgus Girgensons

Not a lot to get to today. I have a few statistics to relay to you and a couple of clips of Peter Holland doing hockey things. This is also the last time this season I think I'll have to watch the Buffalo Sabres, and for that I am grateful. At the start of the season right after the Sabres jumped out to their 0-6 start or whatever it was, I made a bet with the editor of Canucks Army, Dimitri Filipovic, that the Sabres would reach 15 wins this season. I'm sitting pretty in that regard, thanks mostly to their 6-2 shootout record. 

(Unfortunately, I also bet Dimitri that David Clarkson would score at least 14 goals, and not only has he not, but he's looked brutal in not doing so. My opinions on Clarkson may be subjective from here on out, but hey! He is on pace to score 45 goals over the duration of his seven-year contract.)

The 2013-2014 Buffalo Sabres everyone! Projected by at least one amateur oddsmaker to have fewer wins than David Clarkson had goals!

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Calling in to TSN 1050 and TSN 1260

Steve Dangle
January 15 2014 12:47PM


This morning I stopped by the TSN 1050 studios in Scarborough to join the Macko & Cauz show to talk about all things Leafs, including their big win in Boston from Tuesday night. Click here to listen to the awesomeness!

A few hours later, I called in to Lowetide on TSN 1260 in Edmonton to talk about even more things Leafs, including my crazy NHL 14 skills and Lonny Bohonos. The interview is from about 1:00-15:00 of the file below.

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LFR7 - Game 48 - B is for Bozie - Tor 4, Bos 3

Steve Dangle
January 15 2014 11:02AM


Ah yes.

The Leafs finally get a win in regulation on the road, against the Boston Bruins no less. But brace yourself. The great Corsi armies of the north are coming.

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