Recapping The Marlies First Round

Pension Plan Puppets
May 01 2012 03:48PM

Fear Da Beard

Editor's Note: This recap comes courtesy of roving Russian reporter Andrey Osadchenko.

After a hard-fought regular season series, it came as no surprise that the Marlies won the first 2 games of the AHL Western Conference Quarterfinal series with a one-goal edge. Amazingly enough, none of the games went to overtime even though in games 1 and 2 Marlies forward Jerry D'Amigo scored the game-winning goals late in the 3rd period - at 15:43 and 18:10.

Game 3 was the only match-up between the Americans and Marlies both in the regular season and playoffs that ended with a multiple goal difference - Toronto won the game 3:0. It was also the first match-up this season where the Americans couldn't score on the Marlies.

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It's Official: The Maple Leafs will appear on HBO's 24/7

Danny Gray
May 01 2012 02:59PM


Oh baby. 

Puck Daddy reported earlier today that HBO 24/7 featuring The Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings is totally, actually happening. SQUEEEEEEEEEE. For all the nuts and bolts about the announcement, and the new role the NHL’s own production company will play head on over there. For my thoughts on what we can look forward to from our Toronto Maple Leafs follow the jump.

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Should the Leafs target Linus Omark? (Yes) Will they? (No)

Cam Charron
April 30 2012 03:53PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs probably won't be trading for Linus Omark at the NHL draft in June, although they probably should. There is a lot of dead weight on the roster and the third and fourth lines could probably use a massive shake-up.

One of the guys who will be made available is probably going to be Omark, and he will be shipped out of Edmonton for pennies on the dollar after committing the heinous crime of only being an "okay" hockey player, which isn't good enough for the Oilers, it seems.

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Resolving Theseus’ Paradox- Introducing: The Maple Leafs Alphabet

Danny Gray
April 30 2012 11:02AM

I am a fan of this team.

My grandpa was a lifelong fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. I am a lifelong fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Were we cheering for the same team?

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Free Agents: Alexander Semin, Washington Capitals

Jonathan Willis
April 30 2012 08:18AM

Despite a sixth consecutive season with more than 20 goals, 2011-12 was not a good year for talented Washington Capitals’ winger Alexander Semin. His 21-goals was a post-lockout low, his 54 points fell below expectations, and he was dogged by frequent criticism that he wasn’t giving it his all when he played.

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