#TBT: Awkward Draft Photos

Adam Laskaris
June 25 2015 04:48PM

The NHL draft starts, as you know, tomorrow. 

One of the great things about the draft is that, as you also know, it overlaps with teenage years.

As such, it is almost always fun exercise to look back at old draft photos. While some are photogenic at the age of 17/18, many still haven't quite matured into the look of "NHL player" yet. 

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Will a Toronto Group Submit an Application for Expansion?

Jon Steitzer
June 25 2015 03:30PM

The NHL made it official yesterday that they are starting the application process for NHL expansion.

From TSN:

Interested parties will have from July 6 until August 10 to apply.

"We will then go through a formal vetting process, and the board ultimately will determine whether or not there's any interest in expanding," Bettman said. "If the conclusion is there is interest from the league's perspective, then there will be focus on what the terms would be and who the likely successful candidates might be."

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Movers and Shakers: The Shanaplan for the Draft

Jon Steitzer
June 25 2015 02:53PM

Photo Credit: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY Sports

It's just over 24 hours until the start of the draft, and still the NHL hasn't topped the excitement of the McKegg for Hyman trade this week. Not overly surprising as it seems to be tradition to have everything go down the day of the draft in hopes it causes every other team to scramble to react. What really ends up happening is that one big trade you thought would lead to a zillion others winds up being the big trade of the weekend and other than that a few teams are just gonna shuffle the order of the draft. 

That's why it's not overly surprising when Brendan Shanahan spoke today it was less than exciting, and purposely designed to remind us that nothing is etched in stone, and nothing is imminent. Of course you can take what he said a number of different ways, and that's what we'll do.

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Movers and Shakers: Penguins interested in Kessel

Bobby Cappuccino
June 25 2015 01:07PM

Photo Credit Anne-Marie Sorvin/USA TODAY Sports

We have a match! A team that is on Kessel’s trade list is apparently interested in the scoring winger, according to Damien Cox. That team? The Pittsburgh Penguins, who have been looking for talent that can actually play with Crosby or Malkin.

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5 things: Let's say Phaneuf and Kessel gets traded

Ryan Lambert
June 25 2015 11:27AM

1. Re: The title

It's important to start off by saying that a scenario in which both Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf are not wearing Maple Leaf blue on the first day of the season is not particularly likely. These are big contracts, and while there are plenty of teams that would certainly like to have these players (though perhaps not so much at this price point), the number that both can afford them and would would to actually give up significant assets for them has to be small.

We know now what the salary cap is going to be for next season ($71.4 million), and that should facilitate a lot of trades in the next week-plus as desperate teams scramble to clear space ahead of July. Toronto's not really in a desperate cap situation, of course, but they'd like to be rid of these deals so they can get a little worse, finagle a higher pick for themselves, and hopefully rope in a few more picks or young players in the process.

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