Toronto Maple Leafs Post-Game: Leafs Get Carlyle'd

Cat Silverman
October 07 2015 08:19PM

Gimme a "Car!" *clap*

Gimme a "Lyle!" *clap*

"Car-lyle! Car-lyle! Car-lyle!" *clap clap*

Welcome to the PDO show, Montreal. 

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Leafs win first coaches challenge in NHL history

Jeff Veillette
October 07 2015 06:50PM


I guess this is why the Toronto Maple Leafs gave Mike Babcock an eight-year contract. Midway through the second period, the blue and white risked giving up their only time out to challenge a goal by Jeff Petry, claming that Jonathan Bernier had been interfered with.

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Leo Komarov hits PK Subban from behind, annoys Habs, trouble brewing?

Jeff Veillette
October 07 2015 06:08PM


While it was far from the Raffi Torres hit from a few days ago, and he doesn't quite have the reputation that would punishment until the end of time, Leo Komarov might not get away with a hit that he threw on PK Subban in the first period of the season opener.

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Stay Connected With The TLN Staff

Justin Fisher
October 07 2015 05:34PM


The puck drops on a brand new Toronto Maple Leafs season tonight, and we at TLN are very excited to kick off our 2015-16 coverage. All year, we'll be pushing out breaking news, pre- and post-game analysis, opinion pieces and updates on all of your favourite (and least favourite) Leafs, Marlies, Solar Bears and prospects.

We have a lot of familiar faces on the TLN team this year, but we also have some key offseason acquisitions that you need to go to know. We'll be pushing out all of our latest and greatest content through our @TLNdc Twitter account and our TLN Facebook Page, but it's also a supremely excellent idea to connect with all of our writers on Twitter as well. That way, you can tell us how much you enjoy our work and/or insult us to our faces!

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LGD: Here Come The Leafs

Jeff Veillette
October 07 2015 02:05PM

We / aren't / very / optimistic / for / the Toronto Maple Leafs's odds at success this year. We'd love to be proven wrong, but in the meantime, we've accepted this season as a rebuilding year where a group of players will work their behinds off, not be basement-level terrible for a bit, while building up value for a good old-fashioned asset shorting and freefall in the spring.

That's okay. It's part of the Shanaplan, and for the most part, we have trust in it. But I will say one thing; a win tonight would be a fantastic exception to the rule. It's the season opener, it's Mike Babcock's official debut, and nobody likes the Habs. If they lose the next 81, that's fine; but make this game count.

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