TLN Player Profile: Dion Phaneuf

Adam Laskaris
October 03 2015 09:05AM

Love it or hate it, Dion Phaneuf is still the captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs. And although he's been the subject of trade rumours, captaincy-stripping rumours, and all sorts of other rumours, #3 returns again for the sixth season (already?) with him wearing the "C" on his chest. Much like the cells of a newly discovered species, Phaneuf will be under the microscope all season. 

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Postgame: Red Wings Hand Leafs Fourth Straight Preseason Loss

Justin Fisher
October 02 2015 09:06PM

Did you know that this was Mike Babcock's first game back in Detroit since leaving the Red Wings organization this past offseason for the Toronto Maple Leafs? Yes. This is the first time Babcock has returned to Detroit. Since he joined the Leafs. It's true! The first time! You hadn't heard? It's a big deal!

Ok, I'm done.

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Bobby’s Opening Night Lineup

Bobby Cappuccino
October 02 2015 02:49PM


Unlike my colleagues, I see an untapped potential with the talent the Leafs have assembled. I really do. It just requires someone forward-thinking enough to put the pieces together the right way. So that's what I did.

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TLN Player Profile: James van Riemsdyk

Adam Laskaris
October 02 2015 01:45PM

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James van Riemsdyk has never been the best forward on an NHL hockey team. With the departure of a certain #81 from the roster, the one they call JVR certainly has a chance to make his case this season as the Leafs' marquee forward. In what might be the most imporant season yet for him, JVR's performance this season (good or bad) will likely dictate his future with this team.

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Jeff's Opening Night Roster

Jeff Veillette
October 02 2015 12:07PM


The regular season is upon us, which means that the City of Toronto is likely to have their hopes crushed if they plan on watching hockey in hopes of positive results, especially in the opening weeks. Thankfully, it looks like we're going to be distracted by playoff baseball for the first time since I was a year and a half old, and if baseball isn't your thing, playoff soccer for the first time ever. The Marlies also look like they could make a case for the best combination of youth and talent in the history of the AHL, though we should probably wait to see how their lineup plays out.

In any event, the Leafs can't just pass go and collect Auston Matthews, Jakob Chychrun, or Alex "Brayden" Nylander. They have to play the games. With that considered, here's the lineup that I think would make the 82-game schedule the least miserable.

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