#SadDangle Photo Contest

Justin Fisher
October 14 2013 05:50PM

Last week, Steve Dangle got really sad and pouty over the Leafs' lost to the visiting Colorado Avalanche - Toronto's only loss of the season so far.

Instead of being a good friend, and offering any form on consolation, I superimposed Steve's sad and pouty face on other photographs, hoping to embarass and demean him. You know, for fun.

Now, I'm offering all TLN readers the opportunity to do the same. Use the below image of #SadDangle to create your own hilarious photographs, and email them to stevedanglepodcast@gmail.com. Feel free to also post them to Twitter, and use the hashtag #SadDangle so we can find you.

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News & Notes: Oct 14, 2013

Steve Dangle
October 14 2013 12:00PM

                         Photo courtesy of @HennyTweets

See that? Optimus Reim communicating with Megajon. This is big for peace talks between the Auto-buds and Decepti-Conn(Smythe)s...I tried.

The Leafs were on the ice on Monday as they prepare for their tilt with the Minnesota Wild tomorrow. Here's what was noteworthy.

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LFR 7 - Game 6 - Lighting Oil Lamp (LOL) - Edm 5, Tor 6 (OT)

Steve Dangle
October 13 2013 08:37AM


"YOU KIDS EVER SEEN A DEAD BODY?!?!" - This game, if it were a person.

This Oilers-Leafs game was hopped-up on Mountain Dew and honey badger testosterone. This game stole your bike and made out with your girlfriend. This game wrote an entire history paper without clicking save.

Watch my video on these shenanigans.

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Leafs POSTGAME - Lupul's heroics set stage for Bolland's OT clincher

Cam Charron
October 12 2013 08:30PM


So, uh, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins fell over in overtime, which led to a three-on-one in overtime with Mason Raymond and Cody Franson, and after a give-and-go, the puck landed on the stick of David Bolland, and he put the winner right through the legs of Devan Dubnyk for the 6-5 winner.

This was one of the weirdest and most entertaining games I've seen in years. Regardless of whether you love the Leafs, hate the Leafs, think the Leafs are going to stink this year or have bought into Randy Carlyle's Great Experiment, it's undeniable that this team is the most fun its been in a long time. The score was 4-4 midway through the third period and the broadcasters were talking like this was a normal occurrence. After an incredible save by Jonathan Bernier on Marc Arcobello that kept Toronto in the game, Joffrey Lupul tied the score with 21 seconds left on the clock, leading to a wide-open, sloppy overtime period that concluded a wide-open, sloppy game.

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LGD - Game 6: Oilers @ Leafs - Dallas Eakins

Cam Charron
October 12 2013 11:44AM

The Edmonton Oilers have had a pretty slow start to the season, wins and losses-wise, but there are arguments to be made that the team is actually better off than they have been in quite some time. The team is shooting just 6.8% and getting just .866 goaltending at even strength, but the Oilers have kept their shot differential numbers through each of their first four games relatively even.

Some of Devan Dubnyk's struggles have surely been projected onto Dallas Eakins. Stylistically, one could drum up a narrative that Eakins is the polar opposite of Randy Carlyle. They're both hockey coaches, but Eakins, who quotes the importance of shot differentials in his post-game press conferences and pulls his goalie much earlier than convention (last game against Montreal, Dubnyk was out of the next with 4:33 to go in the third period, the Oilers down by a pair).

Eakins, who has also dressed three low-minute players who can do little more than collect penalty minutes in each of his team's games this season, is also guilty of at least one crime committed by Randy Carlyle. After all, he's a hockey coach, and he's in Edmonton now. He used to be in Toronto.

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