WWYDW - Three-On-Three OT

Justin Fisher
June 24 2015 05:47AM

It's expected that the NHL Board of Governors will soon approve an overtime format change that will do away with the five minute four-on-four overtime period we know and love, and replace it with a single three-on-three overtime period.

The shootout, which we certainly know but do not love, will remain for now. With the new three-on-three format though, it's expected that more games will be decided without relying on mini-games.

With that, Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock will now need to build at least a few three-man units to prepare for the new format. The four-on-four format wasn't terribly interesting, as you would more often than not drop a winger from your top two lines and send them over the boards. In three-on-three, Babcock can get a little more creative.

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Leafs Sign Hyman, Re-Sign Erixon and Granberg

Shawn Reis
June 23 2015 03:12PM

The Leafs resumed off-season housekeeping today, announcing a two-year entry-level contract for the newly-acquired Zach Hyman.  The team also announced new one-year deals for defensemen Petter Granberg and Tim Erixon.

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Leafs at The Draft: Player Size

Ryan Fancey
June 23 2015 12:50PM

Photo Credit: John E. Sokolowski/USA TODAY Sports

There's been a fair amount of debate over how good the Leafs have performed at the draft under Dave Morrison, who's held a position in the scouting department since the 2004 lockout, obviously most recently as the director of amateur scouting. Yesterday we took a look at some of his favourite fishing holes, and today we'll see how the team has picked since then in regards to player size. 

Using the always-convenient Draft Tool compiled by TLN's own Justin Fisher, we can easily dig in and see what trends, if any, exist when it comes to the Leafs' draft record and the value they place on stature.

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The New Salary Cap Limit and the Potential Impact for the Leafs

Jon Steitzer
June 23 2015 11:15AM

The NHL and NHLPA have landed on the salary cap for the 2015-16, and low and behold it didn’t go down and in fact it went up more than expected.

Now knowing that the Leafs and other teams around the league are working with, we can revisit the Leafs cap situation and potential impacts on the trade market.

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Tuesday Mailbag: I'm Still Alive

Jeff Veillette
June 23 2015 07:53AM


You may have noticed that I've been posting a lot less over the past little bit. It'll probably be like that for another month or so; I've been working non-stop, and head out on the Five Hole For Food tour in a week. (We'll talk more about that in a couple of days!). You'll still see a bit of content from me, but for now, I think the other, more intelligent writers on the staff (everybody other than Bobby) have it under control.

With that said, the mailbag is still a thing! Catherine took it over for the past two weeks, but I'm back behind the wheel today to answer some of your questions.

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