Cam Charron Takes Over Leafs Nation

Kent Wilson
June 07 2012 11:33AM

So just over a year ago, Cam Charron was happily writing about hockey and other stuff on his personal blog. Then we came along with a modest proposal and an even more modest bribe and asked him if we wanted to contribute to our happy little network. Since then, he's done work for Canucks Army, NHLNumbers, The Vancouver Province and Backhand Shelf.

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On the Leafs goaltender radar: Sergei Bobrovsky

Cam Charron
June 07 2012 09:23AM

Quick! Name a Russian goalie on the Philadelphia Flyers!

No, not that one. The other one: Sergei Bobrovsky, at one point in his career a rookie save percentage leader, and the next, unable to contest for regular ice time except for a brief December stretch playing behind the team's new $10M man in Ilya Bryzgalov.

Bobrovsky followed up his stellar 2011 campaign with a forgettable 2012. After posting a .915 in his rookie season, the 23-year old Nuvokuznetsk native registered an .899 in just 29 games played. Now, with eight more years of Bryzgalov, our friends at Broad Street Hockey have speculated that it may be time for the Flyers to sell on their backup netminder.


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Leafs Team Needs: Number One 'C'

JP Nikota
June 06 2012 11:04PM

Although Toronto's top line produced well this year, most educated Leafs fans are well aware that Joffrey Lupul is due for a big regression next season, and Phil Kessel for a bit of one, as well. While things were great were those two were scoring, Tyler Bozak, God bless him, just isn't deserving of his current rank in the lineup, and isn't fit to carry the mail when Lupul and/or Kessel falter. Heck, he isn't fit to do so even when Lupul and Kessel are producing.

It's news to almost no one: the Leafs need a number one 'C'.

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Something to Read: A Leafs Cup Story that doesn't reference 1967; The Science Behind "Choking"

Danny Gray
June 06 2012 03:31PM


Photo from The Backhand Shelf

While today did not bring much in the way of Leafs news, I managed to keep myself busy reading. If you're looking to catch up on what you missed, or kill some time before the start of Game 4 of the Finals look no further.  

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Are two trades better than none?

Ryan Fancey
June 06 2012 11:45AM

With Vokoun off the market and Roberto Luongo supposedly set to meet with the Canucks sometime this week, you can count on the goalie talk surrounding the Leafs to pick up substantially, especially with the NHL and AHL playoffs wrapping up.

I guess this is a fairly easy observation to make, but it's quite likely that we'll be seeing two substantial moves from the Leafs to address the goaltending, or none at all.

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