Nation Radio - June 9, 2012

June 10 2012 09:52PM

Might the Oilers pass on Yakupov and Grigorenko to select defenseman Ryan Murray?

Before you know it, it'll be draft day and hockey fans across the country are wondering: who will the Oilers select with the first overall pick? Will Lowe, Tambellini and company select speedy winger Nail Yakupov or highly touted centre Mikhail Grigorenko (whose stock seems to be taking a hit of late)? Or, might the Oilers reach and take a guy like Ryan Murray who may not have Yakupov's pedigree, but would address an area of need for the club?

Allan has plenty of draft talk on the docket this week. He's joined by former GM and player agent Tom Lynn and prospect experts Corey Pronman, Michael Spidel and Kirk Luedeke. Cam Charron stops by to talk a bit about the Calder Cup Finals, and Jeff Krushell joins Allan as well to talk athletic performance and player injuries.

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Leafs Nation Podcast: Oh, Marlies!

Leafs Nation Podcast
June 10 2012 03:53PM

Losing 6-1 is a tough day - let alone when it's Game 4 that eliminates you in the finals for the Calder Cup. Michael Forbes (@mforbes37) and I (@JPNikota) were in attendance, and sat down today with Danny Gray (@ACatNamedFelix) to discuss the match and, of course, NHL playoff action. 

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Leafs Team Needs: Top 9 Forward- CHEAP

Danny Gray
June 08 2012 12:16PM


-Getty images

The Leafs paid waaay too much money for this.

The next stop in our ongoing series of 'Leafs Team Needs' is a Top 9 Forward. (Previous: Top-Line centre) While the Maple Leafs lack high end talent up-front they have no shortage of options when it comes to filling the spots of Lombardi, Armstrong, and Connolly who make far too much money. I'm not sure exactly what kind of voodoo Burke is going to have to resort to in order to get rid of them, but the Leafs need to fill those holes as cheaply as possible.

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Maple Leafs' player usage charts, or Dave Steckel's tough minutes

Cam Charron
June 08 2012 09:39AM

This has taken us a while to get to unfortunately, but one of my favourite hockey metricians, Rob Vollman, collected and published player usage charts from all 30 NHL teams. The Maple Leafs' chart is quite striking for a number of ways, and you'll see why below.

Before we get to it, and to fill a bit of space before the jump, I suppose, I'm going to warn you that we might spend a bit of time looking back on the 2011-12 Leafs season, hopefully in more than a "what went wrong???" capacity. Hey, we might find something optimistic that we didn't know about a particular player a year ago.

After the jump, you'll see why I like David Steckel. Also, Nazem Kadri.

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Marlies Lose A Heart-Stomper

JP Nikota
June 07 2012 11:27PM


Last night, the Toronto Marlies lost game 3 of the Calder Cup Finals in a way that could make just about anyone's heart break. Heck, even Habs or Sens fans would be upset with this, if they actually had hearts or souls to break. Jon Cooper, the head coach of the Norfolk Admirals, had this to say in his post-game press conference:

"I'm sick to my stomach for Scrivens. That was a tough break for the kid. But I'd obviously rather go in our favour instead of theirs."

In ovetime, on a shoot-in that was clearly offside, the puck took an odd bounce off a stanchion, and careened into an empty net, while playoff hero Ben Scrivens was out of his cage, waiting to corral the puck for his defenders. Check out the Game In Six here.

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