Franson Deal Unorthodox In Structure

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 21 2014 01:50PM


As you've probably already read on one of the various media outlets (possibly on The Leafs Nation courtesy of resident handsome man Justin Fisher?), the Toronto Maple Leafs and Cody Franson have settled ahead of arbitration, ultimately agreeing to a 1-year, 3.3 million dollar contract. But how does he stack up to his peers?

Here's the thing; this deal doesn't exactly give him many peers.

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Leafs, Franson Avoid Arbitration, Agree to One-Year Contract

Justin Fisher
July 21 2014 08:16AM

The Toronto Maple Leafs have avoided today's salary arbitration hearing with defenceman Cody Franson by signing him to a one-year, $3.3M contract, because apparently everyone had tee times.

Franson was the Leafs' highest scoring defender last season, with five goals and 33 points in 79 games. 

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Disproving the Improving

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 20 2014 07:17PM

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So, I'm looking for things to write about today. At the time, it was about 9:30 AM in Vancouver, 12:30 PM in Toronto, so the pickings were relatively slim on a slow news day. But then I stumbled upon an amazing post while going through the new queue on /r/leafs. Or as Reddit would call it, "this gem". Here's a thorough analysis.

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Exploited by Randomness, and the David Clarkson Apology Tour

Cam Charron
July 20 2014 10:30AM

Clarkson goal
Leafs management hard at work carefully considering David Clarkson's abilities

There was a post up at Sportsnet this week that worked partly to defend David Clarkson. In my mind, Clarkson has nothing to apologize for. He worked his ass off to make the NHL, puts in the hours, and got a contract that an NHL franchise was willing to give him. It's not his fault he's not as good as the majority of NHL top six forwards, and it's not his fault that there's an organization that was short-sighted enough to sign a player who had just 97 goals at age 28* to a seven-year deal because he grew up close to home.

It's odd how online hockey discussion has broken off into "pro-stats" and "anti-stats" factions. No, I don't think it's a prerequisite to be an expert in statistics and computer programming to write interesting hockey material, and I certainly skip over many mathy articles when they fail to make a point or promote a practical application of strategy.

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Leafs, Franson Ready For Arbitration War

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 19 2014 09:41PM

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We're closing in arbitration season, folks! It's that wonderful time of the year where players invent things to brag about as a means of countering the character assassinations that teams give in order to keep guys for cheaper.

In a little while, we'll have Jake Gardiner and James Reimer, but the first of the bunch appears to be Cody Franson. It seems that every year he has a confusing and tiring contract situation attached to him, but this time, we'll get a relatively quick ending.

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