Open Response To Donald S Cherry

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 28 2014 09:09AM


Hey Don, its your bud Alex speaking. I don't actually go by Alex any more; when I found out it was actually my middle name at the age of five, I decided that was stupid and asked to switch to Jeff full time. It was probably for the best, really. Alexler doesn't roll off the tongue as well. In any event, I'm still a good Canadian boy from Tronna who watches Hockey Night In Canada every Saturday, so thumbs up to that, am I right?

But I have a bone to pick with you. 

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The Fantasy Minute

Nation World HQ
March 28 2014 07:21AM

Your fantasy hockey news and players to look for on the waiver wire this week.

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Sparks' Efforts Paying Off

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
March 27 2014 11:27PM


Your NHL starting goaltender goes down with an injury. Who do you think benefits the most? In the case of the Toronto Maple Leafs organization, it turned out to be the one hanging out in Florida.

It's a weird concept. It wasn't a win for Jonathan Bernier; he was hurt. It wasn't a win for James Reimer; he, reasons debatable, had a chance to redeem himself and failed. Drew MacIntyre got a call up, but once again fell short of making his first career NHL start. Christopher Gibson got a chance to strut his stuff as an AHL starting goalie, but after he got yanked on Saturday, Garret Sparks took the reigns and never looked back.

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"The Steve Dangle Podcast - March 27, 2014 - Dion & Sniffles"

Steve Dangle
March 27 2014 09:24PM

photo (22)

In this episode, Steve and Chris talk about all the  Phaneuf bashing, talk about "the biz", and take your questions.

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What does a six-game losing streak tell us about the Leafs?

Cam Charron
March 27 2014 01:50PM

It presumably hasn't escaped people's collective grasps that the Toronto Maple Leafs have stopped being out-shot as much during this lengthy losing skid. Sure, until the game against the Blues, the Leafs had actually out-shot its opposition 160-154 in the first five games, including two consecutive out-shooting games against Detroit and Tampa Bay followed by a 36-36 tie against the Habs.

However, that number is a less impressive 117-129 if you only count only even strength shots, meaning that the Leafs were padding their numbers thanks to a helpful powerplay that has generated four goals in the six games. At even strength with the score tied, the number looks even worse: 24-29 doesn't look that bad on the surface, but those numbers mean the Leafs were only getting 45% of the shots—a rate that only beat four teams this entire season: Philadelphia, Edmonton, Buffalo and, well, Toronto.

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