The Steve Dangle Podcast - Aug 18, 2015 - 200!!!

Steve Dangle
August 18 2015 07:26PM

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.22.43 PM

On today's episode, HAPPY 200th episode, a special shoutout from Willy Nylander, and sorry for the clip show.

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TLN Prospect Profile: #14 Viktor Loov

Jeff Veillette
August 18 2015 02:35PM


Fans in every city love their "oddball" players, who lack shyness and are abundant in borderline confusing personality traits. Various interviews and media scrums throughout the year put Viktor Loov on the map with the casual fanbase because of this; he was never shy to talk about anything from hockey, to food, to William Nylander wasting his bandwidth on Xbox One games. 

But Loov has the potential to be more than just a character - he has the potential to be a legitimate two-way contributor on an NHL blueline.

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Jacques Lemaire explains what his role with Maple Leafs will entail

Angelo Montilla
August 18 2015 11:58AM

If Jacques Lamaire's new title of special assignment coach with the Maple Leafs still has you scratching your head, the former Stanley Cup champion bench boss clarified what his role entails heading into the season.

Speaking on Sportsnet's Prime Time Sports on Monday, Lemaire said both general manager Lou Lamoriello and head coach Mike Babcock both approached him with the opportunity shortly after Lamoriello was hired. Lemaire will essentially be an extra set of eyes watching from the press box (or his cottage) and reporting to Babcock regularly.

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Heart of Darkness: A Voyage Down The Leafs Defensive Depth Chart

Jon Steitzer
August 18 2015 09:50AM


The word ‘compete’ rang in the air, was whispered, was sighed. You would think they were praying to it. A taint of imbecile rapacity blew through it all, like a whiff from some corpse. By Gord! I’ve never seen anything so unreal in my life. And outside, the silent wilderness surrounding this cleared speck on the earth struck me as something great and invincible, like evil or truth, waiting patiently for the passing away of this fantastic invasion.

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Leafs Nation's all-time greatest Toronto Maple Leafs team: Dave Keon

Cat Silverman
August 17 2015 04:09PM

Standing at 5 foot 9 and only 163 lbs, Dave Keon would be considered by some to be 'too small' for today's NHL. He'd possibly be put in a limited, sheltered role; he may even get waived twice in a single season. 

As one of the NHL's all-time best two way forwards, though, Keon brought value and longevity to the Toronto Maple Leafs that's hard to ignore. He was a part of four Stanley Cup-winning teams, took home the Lady Byng twice, and earned himself a Calder Memorial trophy as a rookie and a Conn Smythe as a tenured vet -- as one of the last in an era of truly successful Leafs players, Keon was the perennial Selke candidate before the Selke Trophy was a thing. 

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