Maple Leafs Job Fair - Mike Futa's Resume

Jon Steitzer
May 06 2015 11:06AM

The Leafs have a couple of key vacancies in the Hockey Operations Department, and we here at TLN are committed to helping the Leafs fill those positions. To speed the process along we’ve asked that applicants CC when they forward their resumes to Brendan Shanahan. The first one we’ve received is from Mike Futa, who is applying on the General Manager position.

Futa is a strong candidate for this role in that he’s spent the past 20 years in progressively more significant roles in hockey. He’s quite new to even the right hand man role, but is coming from what is considered a very deep front office which produced Ron Hextall as a new GM last summer. Futa’s experience/inexperience makes him a strong candidate for the committee approach that Brendan Shanahan has been promoting as the new structure of the Leafs front office. His strong drafting record is his greatest strength as the Leafs prepare for the youth movement.

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Jeff Gorton on the Leafs' radar for GM job

Ryan Fancey
May 06 2015 08:14AM

It's becoming quite clear that Jeff Gorton will be an NHL general manager next season, we just don't know where. In an offseason that should see plenty of front office movement throughout the league, he's one guy who seems to be among the most sought-after, and for good reason. 

The Rangers have been playoff regulars for a while now, contenders more recently, and Gorton is a big reason why, assisting 71-year-old president and GM Glen Sather with building this club and by many accounts doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Teams are already knocking at the door, Sather just isn't letting them in yet. 

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Report: Maple Leafs believed to have reached out to Guy Boucher

Thomas Drance
May 05 2015 07:39PM

When Toronto Maple Leafs president Brendan Shanahan and assistant general manager Kyle Dubas had finished building their hockey analytics and research department this summer, those efforts were thoughtfully dubbed by Sportsnet's Gare Joyce as an effort to construct 'Los Alamos by the Lake'.

If you're building a high tech testing facility on the lakefront equivalent of a dusty mesa, you best be in the market for a suitable Bond villain. And as it turns out the Maple Leafs might be, according to TSN's Darren Dreger:

Guy Boucher is a name we haven't heard in a while. Does he make sense for the Maple Leafs?

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - May 5, 2015 - Iggy

Steve Dangle
May 05 2015 03:50PM


On this episode, Jesse hates puppies, Adam hates Beleskys, and Steve hates Toronto.

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Maple Leafs Assistant GM Kyle Dubas and the extended, not fun rebuild

Thomas Drance
May 05 2015 02:33PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs insisted to the media this week that they're going to be patient in developing their top prospects. The more pertinent question for the Brendan Shanahan and Maple Leafs management isn't whether their organization can stick to their guns on this, it's whether or not the fans in a success starved Toronto sports market can be patient with them.

When assistant general manager and wunderkid Kyle Dubas addressed the media for Toronto Marlies garbage bag day this week - Jeff Veillette recapped the press conference ably earlier today - the spectre of a lengthy rebuild was never far from the surface.

This could be a long process for the Maple Leafs, and if Dubas' commendable discipline in staying on message indicates anything, it's that selling the rebuild to fans is a foremost priority for Leafs management.

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