Jason Gregor
May 21 2012 10:49PM

Scouting isn't an exact science. Every scout has stories of a player they loved who never panned out, or a guy they weren't high on who played 10 years in the Show. There are rare exceptions, Sidney Crosby, where every scout ranks him #1 and labels him "can't miss."

Those players are very, very rare, and no player in the 2012 is a lock to be the next Crosby, but this draft class has a lot of very good to great players, and as usual not everyone has them ranked in the same spot.

I caught up with Mark Edwards from and got his thoughts on a bunch of players, but we focused mainly on centres and D-men.

Hockeyprospect won't release their final rankings and complete draft guide until June, but Edwards chatted about who they liked, and why they recently ranked Alex Galchenyuk #1.

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Nation Radio - May 19, 2012

May 20 2012 11:54AM

In Alberta the off-season has become a question of coaches with both the Flames and Oilers looking to fill vacancies behind the bench. With the NHL playoffs winding down and the Memorial cup firing up, attentions are turning towards prospects and the impending free agent season as well.

The guests this week include Jonathan Willis, Tom Lynn and Corey Pronman. They joined Lowetide to talk the above topics and others including hedge fund management strategy, the importance of sustainable lifestyles in the 21st century and the best places to find a good sandwich in Western Canada (not really).

This is Nation Radio.

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NHLNumbers Logo Contest

Kent Wilson
May 18 2012 01:53PM



With the launch of the new NHLNumbers blog and the continued development of the site's resources and functions, we figured it's time to update the graphics around here. Specifically, we're looking for a new logo for the site.

Now, we could have gone to some pro graphic designer and spent thousands of dollars only to be slightly disappointed by the outcome, but instead we're opening up the project to the Nation readers instead.

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Colby Armstrong data dump

Cam Charron
May 17 2012 06:50PM

This isn't pretty. I'm also only doing this because @67sound asked me to, but I looked at the Leafs with and without Colby Armstrong over the last two seasons.

First, what is Colby Armstrong? He was an average scorer before coming to Toronto, busted up by a pretty favourable shooting percentage in Atlanta:

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Calder Cup Playoffs: Toronto Marlies vs OKC Barons

Andrey Osadchenko
May 17 2012 05:39PM

Unlike the NHL post-season, the AHL Western Conference hasn’t brought a lot of surprises to the table so far. The teams who made it to the Calder Cup semifinals finished fittingly first and second in the regular season – the Oklahoma City Barons and Toronto Marlies.

They split the regular season series and even the scoring was tied as each team managed to score 3 goals. Interestingly enough, the Marlies and Barons are the only two teams in the AHL playoffs that haven’t lost a game on the road. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about the series.

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