NHLNumbers Logo Contest

Kent Wilson
May 18 2012 01:53PM



With the launch of the new NHLNumbers blog and the continued development of the site's resources and functions, we figured it's time to update the graphics around here. Specifically, we're looking for a new logo for the site.

Now, we could have gone to some pro graphic designer and spent thousands of dollars only to be slightly disappointed by the outcome, but instead we're opening up the project to the Nation readers instead.

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Colby Armstrong data dump

Cam Charron
May 17 2012 06:50PM

This isn't pretty. I'm also only doing this because @67sound asked me to, but I looked at the Leafs with and without Colby Armstrong over the last two seasons.

First, what is Colby Armstrong? He was an average scorer before coming to Toronto, busted up by a pretty favourable shooting percentage in Atlanta:

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Calder Cup Playoffs: Toronto Marlies vs OKC Barons

Andrey Osadchenko
May 17 2012 05:39PM

Unlike the NHL post-season, the AHL Western Conference hasn’t brought a lot of surprises to the table so far. The teams who made it to the Calder Cup semifinals finished fittingly first and second in the regular season – the Oklahoma City Barons and Toronto Marlies.

They split the regular season series and even the scoring was tied as each team managed to score 3 goals. Interestingly enough, the Marlies and Barons are the only two teams in the AHL playoffs that haven’t lost a game on the road. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about the series.

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The Grudge-Holder’s Guide to the Rest of the Playoffs

Matt Stephen
May 17 2012 03:43PM




Time heals all wounds. Almost 20 years ago at this time the LA Kings were on quite a Cup drive. Sound familiar? They were taking out Canadian teams as if they were the Phoenix Coyotes, Colorado Avalanche and Gary Bettman all rolled into one. The Kings defeated the Calgary Flames and Vancouver Canucks before hunkering down for seven games with the Leafs. We all know what happened, but those suffering from PTSD or ignorance can catch up here:

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Get outta town

Ryan Fancey
May 16 2012 09:54AM

I won't lie, this article was brought about by two others I just read this morning: Should the Oilers go after Jordin Tootoo? by Jonathan Willis at Oilers Nation, and Why GMs Overpay for Bottom Six Players by the Leafs Nation's own Danny Gray.

Before you close your browser thinking "this idiot is going to suggest Tootoo to (to to to) the Leafs", don't! I will do no such thing. By the end of the Oilers Nation piece, where Willis pointed out Tootoo's crazy playoff tirade, I was quite positive that I wanted that guy as far away from the Leafs as possible. Not that I really care about players who say dumb things, but Tootoo really seems like a bit of a risk when you don't need to take one for a player of his skill level.

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