Maibag: Still On The Road

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 12 2014 10:29PM


Oh my god is it ever a far distance between Toronto and Winnipeg. It took us almost three days. Anyway, thank you to everyone who came to the Five Hole For Food event in Toronto, and all of the other readers I've met in other awesome cities. Today not much has tangibly happened in Leafs land (there's a theoretical, but we'll talk about this more tomorrow), so it's time for a mailbag.

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Steve Dangle
July 12 2014 04:06PM


A few questions for you...

1) Are you a smart and opinionated hockey fan?

2) Do you want to write about hockey on a major platform?

3) Have you ever read something about the Leafs and thought 'I could write better than this idiot,' maybe even on this very site?

Do we have the thing for you!

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First Line Muscle...

July 12 2014 10:38AM


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Leafs re-sign Jamie Devane

Steve Dangle
July 11 2014 03:26PM

#181621529 /

Scratch another restricted free agent of the list as the Leafs have re-signed Jamie Devane to a two-year deal.

If you're in the "who the hell is Jamie Devane?" crowd, this ought to jog your memory.

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Leafs Promote Spott, Hire Horacek

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
July 11 2014 12:57PM


The search for assistant coaches is over. The Toronto Maple Leafs have promoted Marlies head coach Steve Spott to the big club, while also adding Peter Horacek to the fold.

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