Eastern Conference Bubble Watch: March 8th Edition

Jonathan Willis
March 08 2012 08:57AM

The Winnipeg Jets went 5-2-1 in their latest home stand, an eight-game run that helped the team into the final post-season berth in the Eastern Conference. The bad news is that the home stand is now over, and the Jets are forced to head out on the road – starting with a game in Vancouver against the Canucks tonight. Is the shift from home games to road games going to cost the Jets that playoff spot?

The Toronto Maple Leafs on the other hand have a fairly solid road record, even including last night’s distressing defeat. Is that enough for them to pull out of their recent nosedive?

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Mikhail Grabovski Signs, Comparisons Abound

Pension Plan Puppets
March 07 2012 01:31AM

Yesterday, the Toronto Maple Leafs signed Mikhail Grabovski to a five year deal at an annual cap hit of $5.5M. As Chemmy noted, cries of 'massive overpayment!' were quick to the lips of many an ignorant fan and mittenstringer. There were however a couple of good takes on the deal from the media and one popular comparison of cap hits that could use a lot more examination after the jump.

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Nothin' Bruin; 4-5 loss to Boston - Advanced boxscore

Cam Charron
March 06 2012 07:57PM


A wild first half the game with suspect goaltending on both sides saw quite the open game before Tim Thomas turned it on in the third period helping the Boston Bruins withstand a Toronto onslaught of scoring chances. Despite a goal from the newly-signed Mikhail Grabovski and a late powerplay, the Leafs dropped a heartbreaking one at home, again giving up a big chunk of goals to the Bruins.

Welcome to the advanced box score—we will provide scoring chance details, who took or set up chances for either team, as well as the Statistical Three Stars and its companion, the Statistical Three Goats, which is based on a player's actual performance during a game and not necessarily the results.

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Grabovski signs 5 year deal with Leafs- Pineapples go into hiding

Danny Gray
March 06 2012 08:25AM


The Toronto Maple Leafs announced today that Mikhail "Grabbo" "Crosbovski" Grabovski has signed a 5-year extension with the club. I would argue that this is the most important contract that Burke has had to sign during his time as Leafs GM. The Leafs have locked up their best forward for the prime of his career. We don't know what it cost yet, but it will undoubtedly be worth it. 

EDITOR'S NOTE: $5.5M Cap-Hit. Totally worth it. That is all. 

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Who made who? Kessel and Lupul

Cam Charron
March 05 2012 04:55PM

Any time that I get to link to an AC/DC song that hasn't been royally corrupted by my 16-year old sister singing AC/DC's Rock Band track pack, you have to take it. I suppose the other reason for writing this post is that I've been very critical of the play of one Joffrey Lupul this season. I believe that much of his success is hollow and pushed by the play of Phillip Kessel Jr., a superior player in all three zones.

In an attempt to prove anything here, I ditched the fancy numbers and looked back through video of each of the even strength, non empty-net goals scored by both Lupul (13) and Kessel (22) this season.

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