TLN Player Profile: G James Reimer

Cat Silverman
September 26 2015 02:05PM

Let's imagine, for argument's sake, that everyone reading this article is a Leafs fan. 

Chances are, that means that you - the reader- clicked on this article with some pretty strong feelings about James Reimer. After all, he is a part of maybe the most incomprehensibly controversial goaltending tandem in the NHL. 

Some fans are team Carlyle; they feel let down by James Reimer, who was pretty much described as just 'okay' by his former coach during a disastrous 2013-2014 late season stretch. Other fans have irreverent faith in Optimus Reim, staunchly insisting that he faces harder shots, gets left out to dry by his teammates, and does it all without much complaint as the bona fide number two. 

However you feel about the 27 year old Manitoba native, though, he's back for another season - so who is he, how does he play, and what role does he fill in the Leafs organization? 

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LGD: Earn The Part

Shawn Reis
September 26 2015 09:45AM

The preseason rolls on today, with the Leafs playing their 5th out of 8 exhibition hockey games.  Last Tuesday the Leafs went to war played a pretty bogged down hockey game with the Montreal Canadiens and were able to pull off a comeback win, with Jake Gardiner scoring in overtime to keep the Leafs at 3-0 in the preseason.  But the Leafs lost to Buffalo yesterday, and will now look to bounce back against their long-time preseason rivals in their final game against the red, white, and blue before opening up the regular season against them in a week-and-a-half's time.

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Leafs Postgame: Oh, there they are

Jeff Veillette
September 25 2015 09:43PM


The Buffalo Sabres were better than the Leafs last year where it counted - at being bad. This year, the cross-QEW rivals begin their climb back to the top of the National Hockey League, loaded with prospects and newly-acquired players. While the Leafs appear poised to stay near the bottom, the points don't matter right now and hey, who likes losing to the Sabres?

If you guessed "tonight's roster", you'd probably be wrong, but you wouldn't know it from their second period and their penalty kill.

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Top 5 Prodigal Sons That Will Return To Toronto And Help The Leafs Win a Cup

Justin Fisher
September 25 2015 04:21PM

Earlier today, Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock told TSN's Mark Masters that Shawn Matthias is a "Toronto kid that wanted to play for the Leafs," and went on to predict that more Toronto-born players will come home to play for their childhood favourites.

Immediately, everyone drew a connection between the Leafs and maybe-soon-to-be unrestricted free agent Steven Stamkos. But hey, that's only one guy. There are so many star players that come from The Six.

See below our Top 5 Prodigal Sons who will one day soon return to Toronto and help the Leafs to new and infinitely sustained success.

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Mike Babcock hints at a future involving more local players

Jeff Veillette
September 25 2015 03:34PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs are very excited to have Shawn Matthias on their team, but he might be even more excited than them to be here. Shawn is part of a temporarily dying (lack of success does that) breed of Toronto-era children who grew up cheering for the blue and white, before moving on to a career of their own. Now, he's beginning to live out the finer details of his childhood dreams; something that Mike Babcock likes, and encourages.

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