TLN Player Profiles: F Leo Komarov

Jon Steitzer
September 17 2015 08:00AM

So far 2015 hasn’t been too fun for Leo Komarov. He spent the back half of last season trying to recover from an early December concussion. And his joyride along a Finnish highway stuck him with a $51,000 speeding ticket. You’d think things would have to start improving for Komarov at some point.

The 2015-16 is a clean slate, but not one without new challenges. As a bottom six winger, Komarov has to establish a foothold in a lineup that seems to be entirely built of bottom six wingers, and without a coach or GM with ties to him, it should be a high pressure training camp for Uncle Leo

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TLN Player Profiles: C Mark Arcobello

Cat Silverman
September 16 2015 05:15PM

People fall into two camps about Mark Arcobello. 

They either love him for being an underrated possession driver who takes a ton of shots (and therefore creates scoring chances), or they hate him for being very small and kind of predictable on the ice. Some people think he's a strong middle six forward, others think he'll be lucky to earn a roster spot out of training camp for the rebuilding Leafs.

Here's your opportunity to decide where you fall on the Arcobeliever Scale. 

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Leafs inviting every hockey player on Earth to Training Camp

Jeff Veillette
September 16 2015 04:01PM


Everybody knew that this year's training camp was going to be a free-for-all, but today, the Leafs announced just how extensive things will get. In pursuit of a final 23-man roster, the Leafs have invited a historically massive pile of talent, including 42 forwards, 24 defencemen, and seven goaltenders. Here's a quick look at who the Leafs will be bringing with them.

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WWYDW: PTO Preferences

Justin Fisher
September 16 2015 12:30PM

As if their roster isn't already packed to the brim with middling talent, the Toronto Maple Leafs have three players signed to professional tryout offers (or PTOs) - Curtis Glencross, Brad Boyes and Devin Setoguchi.

All three have had varying degrees of success in the NHL, though Glencross and Boyes certainly have an edge. I could see either of them being useful players on the Leafs roster this season, and could turn out to be useful trade pieces come deadline day. That said, Toronto is very close to the 50-contract limit and none of these PTO players would offer any significant upgrade on what's already there.

So what would you do? 

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Curtis Glencross is the Perfect Add to a Tanking Team

Cat Silverman
September 16 2015 09:57AM

Before he accepted a PTO with the Toronto Maple Leafs, I'll admit - I wasn't a Curtis Glencross 'fan', per se, but I also didn't hate his game. I actually found that to be quite a good PTO to offer, and was willing to hop on the Glencross bandwagon if he did manage to spin this upcoming season of straw into gold. 

It seemed surprising that the Leafs, who are trying to rebuild, would add players with significant value, though. 

I mean, come on. Auston Matthews. #TankForMatthews2016 is a thing, right?

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