Minor-league shuffle: What Keith Aucoin brings the organization

Cam Charron
July 23 2012 05:17AM

Over the weekend, there's been some fairly decent Leafs player movement. On Friday, of course, Nikolai Kulemin was re-signed a two-year deal. Leafs brass again negotiated a pretty stellar restricted free agency contract for a defensive winger coming off a dud season offensively.

Also Friday, Marcel Müller, one of the Marlies' high-scoring forwards last season, is heading to MoDo in Sweden next season. In haste to replace his third highest scorer with the minor-league affiliate, the Leafs went out Saturday and signed not-quite-a-journeyman veteran Keith Aucoin to a two-way deal that will pay Aucoin a league-minimum $650K at the NHL-level and a respectable $350K in the AHL. 

Let's get one thing straight here: Aucoin isn't intended to solve any of the Leafs major problems. I do believe he was signed as an option to provide a replacement to Müller's 14 goal, 47 point season out at Ricoh. Aucoin has never really been in danger of being an NHL regular. His career-high in games is 38, and he scored 5 goals and 13 points.

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Nation Radio - July 21, 2012

July 22 2012 10:46AM

The on-going Shea Weber drama is making the deep summer a bit more interesting than it would have been otherwise. Will the Flyers snatch Weber away from Nashville and cripple the Predators in the the wake of possibly their most successful season ever? Will Poile and company match? If not, will the Preds GM turn to the demon drink in bitterness? Stay tuned to find out!

This week, Allan discussed the Weber issue (and much more!) with guests Tom Lynn, Harrison Mooney, Ryan PIke and Jonh Matisz.

This is Nation Radio.

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Nations State of the Union - July 20, 2012

Kent Wilson
July 20 2012 03:13PM



In Wanye's Nerd Camp update, there were some questions about the Nation's platform and some requests for some new features in comment section. With news winding down and hockey coverage entering the doldrums of August, I figured it was time for a state of the union address. Or, at least, state of the union cogent bullet point list.

Slow and Steady Builds the Platform

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Coached by Gretzky

Danny Gray
July 20 2012 02:19PM

You’ve probably seen this before. Even if you have it’s still worth another look. These are the instructions given to Leafs players prior to the 1962 season.

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"Magical Mikhail" - Zone-Adjusted Corsi for Leafs forwards

Cam Charron
July 20 2012 12:50PM

It's rough collecting stray thoughts on a day like today, so our afternoon post at TLN will just be a bit of a data dump for the most part. Yesterday, I introduced the concept, I'm sure, of "zone-adjusted Corsi" to several readers. Corsi is basically a shot-differential statistic that measures puck possession.

Now, it isn't a perfect system, but it gives us an indication of where the puck was when a player was on the ice. If there were a lot more shots in the Leafs' favour when a player was on the ice, he's doing something right to tilt the needle. But since players have different roles, we need to take a lot of things into account. You can't just look at a player's Corsi number and render the judgment.

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