Leafs Rookie Tournament Preview

Jon Steitzer
September 10 2015 02:00PM

It's here, it's here, it's finally here. There's gonna be a hockey game Friday night! It doesn't matter that it's the pre-preseason, it's Marner and Nylander and Kapanen and then a twenty foot cliff and a bunch of other players we're excited to see after having to endure a painful summer filled with Pan-Am Games, depth forward signings, and #Fransonwatch.

If you are in London you're #blessed with the ability to go and watch live hockey at 7:35 PM ET Friday through Sunday, and there are pregame skates at 11:30 am as well. If you are a Rogers subscriber in the GTA, the games is on Rogers TV. If you aren't a Rogers subscriber or live outside of the GTA than you have to sit around hoping that no one does the unthinkable and illegal streams the game online. That's just not fair to the cable provider.

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Brad Boyes to join Leafs on PTO

Jeff Veillette
September 10 2015 12:21PM

Though he was originally a first-round draft pick of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Brad Boyes never got the chance to wear the blue and white in a meaningful game. Now, a dozen years after his departure, the Mississauga native gets a chance to right that wrong, joining the Leafs on a PTO.

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Another Look at the Leafs Depth Prospects

Jon Steitzer
September 10 2015 08:00AM

Yesterday we started the process of giving lip service to some of players who didn't receive votes for our Top 20 Prospect list. A few of them we still have some hope for and others were Petter Granberg. Today we finish up with the remaining prospects so we can be in compliance with our duties and the president of the internet will recognize us as an accredited Leafs blog.

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Daily Faceoff's Draft Kit Makes You Good, Not Bad At Fantasy Hockey

Jeff Veillette
September 09 2015 07:05PM


Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about you all, but when I play Fantasy Hockey, I usually want to beat my friends, foes, and the opportunistic person who joined because we accidentally set the league to public for a few minutes. So, whenever I have the opportunity to find an edge, I like to pounce on it, and Daily Faceoff's new draft guide brings plenty of those opportunities to the table.

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Nikolai Skladnichenko, Scott Eansor Replace Zach Hyman at Rookie Tournament

Cat Silverman
September 09 2015 04:30PM

The Toronto Maple Leafs rookie tournament begins this upcoming Friday in London, Ontario - and while fans have been looking forward to a few of the bigger names featured, some minor changes are worth keeping an eye on. 

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