Details of the Leafs' pitch to Brad Richards; Other Leaflets

Cam Charron
September 25 2012 03:03PM

Today I went and picked up Jonathan Gatehouse's new book The Instigator that chronicles Gary Bettman's rise as the most powerful man in hockey. Yet to make my way through it, but I found an interesting passage pertaining to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

We knew that Toronto made an hour-long pitch to Brad Richards, the headline free agent of the 2011 class, but there's a section in this book, looking at Richards' courting, that goes slightly more into detail:

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The Graduate: Nazem Kadri

Gus Katsaros
September 25 2012 08:00AM

As the Toronto Marlies take center stage opening training camp at the end of the week, some of the attention turns to one of the first players ever brought through the system implemented by the Brian Burke regime.

Named president and general manager of the Toronto Maple Leafs on November 29, 2008 in his first crack behind the Leafs draft he produced Nazem Kadri at a sexy 7th overall in June 2009.

The London native would have been the first homegrown player to graduate from the Leafs development process, you know, if there had been an NHL 2012-13 season.

But I digress.

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Leafs Nation Podcast: How Do You Solve A Problem Like Brian?

Leafs Nation Podcast
September 24 2012 09:09PM

What with François Allaire's recent comments about interference with his work, and Brian Burke's subsequent ruffling of feathers, fellow Pension Plan Puppeteer SkinnyFish (@SkinnyPPPhish), fellow TLNer Gus Katsaros (@KatsHockey) and I decided it was high time to look at Brian Burke's work so far with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I think Skinny has an interesting solution to the Brian Burke problem, and Gus has some really good retrospective perspective.

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Hockey Cards Aren't Locked Out!

Steve Dangle
September 24 2012 09:52AM

NHL lockout be damned! Let's do this!

Just like the video says: Leave a comment and you'll be chosen at random to recieve one of either a hockey card with pieces of game-used jersey from four different former Leafs (Matt Stajan, Vesa Toskala, Luke Schenn, and Jason Blake), or a card atuographed by current Leafs captain Dion Phaneuf.

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Strombabble: Luongo to the Leafs still a possibility?

Cam Charron
September 24 2012 09:40AM

I've been fairly anti-Luongo-to-the-Leafs for a while now, suggesting back in June that even if the Leafs had the pieces to acquire Luongo the risk of that contract with ten more years still on it isn't worth the trouble.

Of course, that won't stop us from borrowing the 'Stombabble' series title from our friends over at Canucks Army to dissect the latest developments in a potential Roberto Luongo to Toronto deal.

What do we know? We know Brian Burke wants to acquire a goaltender, and that Mike Gillis has one to sell.

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