A Look at the Maple Leafs Depth Prospects

Jon Steitzer
September 09 2015 12:30PM

When the TLN staff got together and created our Top 20 Prospects list there were a few names that went voteless. In fact there were 14 players in total that received no consideration at all.

Does this make them lesser prospects? Yes.

Does this mean we shouldn’t talk about them? No, but we've waited until we've exhausted all of the prospects we have higher expectations of.

So now that we've hyped them up, here is today’s group of Depth Prospects…

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WWYDW: Who Are Your Top 20 Leafs Prospects?

Justin Fisher
September 09 2015 11:12AM

Last week we wrapped up our annual TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospects feature, with Mitch Marner narrowly beating out William Nylander as the top guy. Behind them, Kasperi Kapanen, Scott Harrington, Jeremy Bracco, Travis Dermott, Andreas Johnson and Connor Brown rounded out an impressive group of talented youngsters. You can find the final list below, and our full wrap-up here. But most importantly, click past the jump and tell us where we went wrong...

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Don't Even Think About Trading for Steven Stamkos

Justin Fisher
September 09 2015 06:58AM

Last week, TLN's very own Ryan Fancey ruffled a couple feathers with his very point-of-fact assertion that Tampa Bay star Steven Stamkos will (probably) become a Toronto Maple Leaf when he becomes an unrestricted free agent next off season. 

I wouldn't say I'm willing to call it yet, but I do think that where there's smoke, there's quite often fire. Stamkos-to-the-Leafs has been telegraphed for years now, and I can't imagine the 25-year old hasn't seriously considered joining his home town team, with its new look front office, coaching staff, and prospect pool, just ahead Toronto's centennial season in 2017. 

It's for all of those reasons as well that the Leafs would want Stamkos as much (and probably more) than he would want them.

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The Steve Dangle Podcast - Sep 8, 2015 - Kyle Cicerella

Steve Dangle
September 08 2015 09:59PM


On this episode, an in-depth look at the Leafs prospect system with a reporter who lives and breathes the Marlies - Kyle Cicerella.

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Leafs Rookies Get Their NHL 16 Ratings, Brown Thinks Marner is a Bad Friend

Justin Fisher
September 08 2015 08:06PM


NHL 16 hits shelves next week, and ahead of its much anticipated release, EA Sports met up with hockey's top prospects at the NHLPA Rookie Showcase and asked them how they think their player ratings will stack up.

Representing the Toronto Maple Leafs, Connor Brown, Mitch Marner and Kasperi Kapanen spent some time together guessing at each others ratings as well as their own.

Brown, easily the most humble and least dickish of all the prospects (good Toronto boy), guessed that he was rated 67 overall. Marner, a nice and supportive friend, responded with an "Oh my God!", as in "Oh my God! You are so much better than a 67". 

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