John-Michael Liles Taking Demotion In Stride

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
October 03 2013 01:23PM

John Michael Liles finds himself starting the year on the Toronto Marlies. Though nobody will come out and say it, its seems more than likely that he is a casualty of the salary cap, and that the assignment isn't indicative of his on-ice ability. Most players would take the knock down to the American Hockey League as devastating, but, with a combination of situational awareness and a positive attitude, Liles is taking things in stride. 

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LFR7 - Game 2 - It's Bolly, B*tch - Tor 3, Phi 1

Steve Dangle
October 03 2013 12:11PM



Bernier and Bolland help the Leafs steal a win in Philly to stay undefeated! I can dig it.

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LEAFS POSTGAME - Bolland pots two, Bernier shuts down Flyers

Ryan Fancey
October 02 2013 09:00PM

Starting the season with back-to-back road games probably wasn't ideal, but now the Leafs are 2-0-0 and heading home for their opener at the ACC on Saturday night. This game looked like it could be a nightmare early, but thanks to two third period goals from Dave Bolland and a fantastic outing from Jonathan Bernier, the Leafs edged out the Flyers in their own barn.

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LGD - Game 2: Leafs @ Flyers - Red Light Mason

Cam Charron
October 02 2013 03:14PM

Let's move on from the fighting debate. Seems to be all anybody can talk about today and was the unfortunate focus of many game recaps.

So now the Leafs move on from Montreal and a team that dressed two enforcers in their lineup to Philadelphia, a team that doesn—oh…

Easy to focus on hockey after last night through. Toronto looked pretty good when the score was even, giving way on the shot clock mostly when they took a 4-2 lead in the third period. Their special teams were right friggin' dominant and it's even hard for a math nerd like me to suggest the team was unlucky in winning their opening night contest. They were the better team, full-stop, and the fact that James Reimer had a much better night than Carey Price wasn't the difference.

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Flortheast Division Previews: The Detroit Red Wings

Cam Charron
October 02 2013 02:30PM

Over the next few days, we'll take a brief look at the teams in Toronto's newest division. The division is called the "Atlantic" but only three of the teams in the division are even close to the Atlantic Ocean. Given there are six teams in the Northeast and two in the state of Florida, the hockey community as a whole has decided to rebrand this division "The Flortheast". We will get team bloggers from each group to profile their teams as we get ready to start the season…

Today's preview comes from JJ From Kansas of Winging It In Motown, a blog that we could have sworn used to be about a team in the Western Conference...

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