TLN's Top 20 Leafs Prospects: Honourable Mentions

Jon Steitzer
September 08 2015 07:43AM

We've finally wrapped up the TLN Top 20 Prospect countdown, and have declared Mitch Marner the finest prospect in all the land by the slimmest of margins. We had some players unexpectedly high (Harrington) and some that may seem low as soon as the CHL season starts up (Timashov). 

That doesn't mean we're done with prospects, as there are plenty of players who didn't make our list. Today we'll take a look at some of the players who received votes but didn't make the cut and Wednesday and Thursday we'll take a look at the players we ignored completely. It's entirely possible that we've completely missed the boat on some of the guys and might realize that we have a diamond or two in the rough.

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Monday Mailbag: Labour of Love

Jeff Veillette
September 07 2015 04:58PM


It's Labour Day! Many look at today in different ways - some see it as a fashion cue, some see it as the death of summer, and children everywhere groan at the realities of having to go back to school. I like to take positives out of it, however; it's the last major holiday until hockey! Though, at the same time, the grocery stores are closed. The last second race to buy food yesterday was.. interesting. Anyway, let's tackle some questions.

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Toronto Maple Leafs Top 5: Best Goaltenders of All Time

Cat Silverman
September 07 2015 02:01PM

As a goaltender, it's hard to take a look at one of the oldest, most storied (and, at one point, most respected) NHL franchises and pick just five netminders to go on an all-time greatest list. 

It seems wrong to create a list of all-time players that doesn't include Jake Forbes - the first NHL player to sit out an entire season due to a contract dispute, and arguably the best goaltender in Toronto's system during their first few years of existence as the Toronto St. Patricks - and Lorne Chabot, who holds the distinction of playing in the two longest games in NHL history (winning the one he suited up in for Toronto, losing the one he suited up in for the Montreal Maroons). If we include them, though, where do we put the newer guys? WHERE DO WE FIT ANDREW RAYCROFT?

(I'm just kidding, but you see what I'm saying). 

I've tried to select one goaltender from each era, which means I've probably left out a name or two that you'll inevitably be upset about. If I could write a book on the history of Leafs goaltending, I'd get to everyone we know deserves a nod - but for now, let's go through the five most important faces of the franchise's net. Feel free to pipe in with your stories about any others you loved growing up below... just remember, I can't get to them all. Blame Justin Fisher. 

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TLN's Top 20 Leafs Prospects: The Final List

Justin Fisher
September 07 2015 10:32AM

We completed our TLN Top 20 Leafs Prospects run on Friday when Mitch Marner was named our #1, but we thought it important to quickly recap the entire list. Click past the jump for a brief overview on each prospect and a link to the original piece!

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TLN Top 5 Hockey Minds

Jon Steitzer
September 07 2015 07:00AM

Up until now we've focused on which players have been responsible for the Leafs successes over the past 100 years. Today we'll shift gears and look at some of the coaches and GM's that have made the Maple Leafs great for stretches of time.

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