Brian Sutherby
October 01 2013 10:55AM


The Nation Network is proud to officially announce an agreement to purchase, a leading fantasy hockey resource. Network traffic is expected to double to 30 million visitors and 75 million page views annually in the next 12 months as result. 

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Flortheast Division Previews: The Montreal Canadiens

Cam Charron
October 01 2013 06:02AM

Over the next few days, we'll take a brief look at the teams in Toronto's newest division. The division is called the "Atlantic" but only three of the teams in the division are even close to the Atlantic Ocean. Given there are six teams in the Northeast and two in the state of Florida, the hockey community as a whole has decided to rebrand this division "The Flortheast". We will get team bloggers from each group to profile their teams as we get ready to start the season…

Today's first preview comes from Andrew at Habs Eyes on the Prize, a blog representing that weird part of Canada where they lather their fried potatoes with gravy and cheese curds when they aren't staging protests to protest… something.

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Kessel Negotiations Won Before Even Finished

Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
September 30 2013 09:43PM

So, as you're probably well aware of (if you arent..), Phil Kessel is closing in on an extension with the Toronto Maple Leafs before tomorrow's opening night puck drop. The speculation is that he'll take in and around $8 million per year over 8 years, locking him up until he's 34 years old. People are debating whether this is the right choice.

What? This is crazy. If he's asking for $8.5 million right now, the Leafs would win these negotiations without even negotiating. Anything now is gravy. 

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Leafs and Kessel closing in on new contract

Ryan Fancey
September 30 2013 07:16PM

It appears the Leafs and Phil Kessel are trying to get some ink on paper prior to the start of the regular season tomorrow night. From Sportsnet: has learned that negotiations on a contract extension between the star winger’s agent and the Toronto Maple Leafs were taking place ahead of Tuesday’s regular season opener in Montreal. With the player unwilling to engage in talks once the schedule is underway, the sides held discussions to see if a last-minute deal could be reached before that happened. As of Monday night, it was unclear whether they would be able to agree on a long-term extension in time.

It's interesting that this would surface all of a sudden on the eve of the season. I'm not quite sold on Kessel insisting he won't negotiate once the games get going, but with this late push, it appears Nonis doesn't want to find out. If something could come together quickly, this would be great news for fans heading in to tomorrow night's game. Keep an ear out.

And now some updates from Bob McKenzie and Darren Dreger in the late hours. Looks like this deal could be done:

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Brian Sutherby
September 30 2013 05:57PM

I have been thrust in charge of most things Streakcred because I’m the person around here that likes to win every useless thing in the world and I’m quite proud of it. With a mantle full of fishing titles and fantasy sports trophies I set out to dominate this year’s Streakcred. I’ve trained long and hard for this.

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