June 11 2011 05:19PM

It takes the most up to date technology on the planet to bring you NationRadio this week. Massive databases of information. Radio towers that stretch into the very sky. And cutting edge computers capable of recognizing speech patterns.

Hot on the heels of our highest downloaded to show to date - this is NationRadio.

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Interview With a Draft Expert

June 09 2011 06:28PM

Though you may be distracted by the Cup Final going on right now the NHL Entry Draft is on the horizon. On June 24th the Leafs will pick 25th and either 29th or 30th before picking again at 39. This gives them 3 out of 14 picks at the end of the first / start of the second round and I know Leafs fans are getting excited about grabbing some prospects.

To that end I convinced Puck Prospectus' Corey Pronman to answer some of my questions about the draft so we could gain some insight from the writer of this year's Top 100 Draft Prospects.

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June 09 2011 12:06AM

Having been outscored 12-1 in the past two ice hockey matches and now tied in the series at two games apiece. That dead quiet you hear on the West Coast tonight is the shocked silence of hard core Canucks fans and the vacuum of tens of thousands of bandwagon fans who have suddenly disappeared.

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Short-Handed Scoring Chances, 2010-11

Slava Duris
June 07 2011 08:42PM

It's time to take a look at how each individual Leaf did at producing and limiting scoring chances while the team was down a man.  The Leafs saw a modest improvement with their penalty kill in the 2010-11 season.

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June 07 2011 11:49AM

"If ever there was a time for a good ol' fashioned comeback this would be it. Win G3 for heavens sakes Boston you owe it to humanity." - Baron von Wanye von Gretzelstein IV, CMA , yesterday.

What a wonderful turn of events. Bigups to @NHL_imagineer for another great pic. This guy brings it almost as hard as the Bruins did last night.

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