Don't Talk To Me About Numbers

Jeff Veillette
September 02 2015 12:51PM

Mitch Marner, a good hockey player who is going to be a very good rookie in whichever year the Leafs feel he's ready to make his debut, is still without a jersey number. So much so, that he did his Upper Deck photo shoot this week with just a nameplate on. Typically, he's worn #93, but now that he plays for his home team, he recognizes that taking the number that people associate with Doug Gilmour might be a little out of line.

Given the present culture, he's probably right. But why does that culture have to exist?

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REPORT: Leafs adding Dale Derkatch to scouting staff

Jeff Veillette
September 02 2015 11:29AM

(On the far right; he is not actually Eric Fehr)

According to a report from News Kamloops' Gregg Drinnan, the Toronto Maple Leafs have further added to their scouting staff, hiring Prince Albert Raiders player personnel director Dale Derkatch to join the amateur wing. 

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TLN Prospect Profile: #4 Scott Harrington

Shawn Reis
September 01 2015 09:04AM


There were a lot of people who found the return that the Leafs got for Phil Kessel from Pittsburgh to be underwhelming.  Was it fair value for one of the league's best players?  We don't know for sure, but I would lean towards "probably not".

All of that may be so, but the Leafs got a pair of Penguins prospects in the trade.  One of those prospects, Scott Harrington, was voted by the TLN staff as the Leafs' 4th-best prospect (and, spoiler alert, that other prospect the Leafs got in the trade was ranked somewhere in the top 5 by the TLN staff as well).  Now is that a case of Harrington and that other guy being really good, or is it a case of the Leafs' prospect pool being not so good?

Realistically, it's probably a little of both.  Let's take a closer look at Harrington and see why, as some of you may be surprised to see, he was ranked by our staff as the Leafs' #4 prospect.

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TLN's All-Time Greatest Leafs Team: Phil Kessel

Jeff Veillette
September 01 2015 08:50AM

As we embark on our annual TLN Top 20 Prospects series, it's important to remember and recognize the special players that paved the way for tomorrow's stars. Over the next few weeks, we will be announcing our first ever TLN All-Time Greatest Leafs Team, announcing a new player every day until we've filled out our 23-man roster.  

It's been a crazy few weeks, as we've combed through some of the greatest players in Leafs history to create an all-time team. We've spanned decades upon decades, going as far back as the 20's and 30's to grab the likes of Babe Dye and Charlie Conacher. Our goaltending rotation ranges from the present age of 44 to 89. The team's centre depth is about as good as it gets for any potential team; off the top of my head, only Montreal, Detroit, and Pittsburgh could definitely claim better options down the middle.

But we're still missing one more player on the wing. A top six winger, no less. While many will surely disagree with the selection, I don't think there's a better player left to choose than the recently departed Phil Kessel.

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Summer of Analytics Too: Electric Boogaloo: Leafs Hire Bruce Peter

Jon Steitzer
August 31 2015 06:51PM


According to the Saskatoon Blades, the Leafs have hired their Statistical Analyst, Bruce Peter.

Peter has already been added to the Management list, so we can assume this is official.

Peter will be joining a team that includes Cam Charron (former editor of this site and noted girlfriend haver), Darryl Metcalf, and Rob Pettapiece reporting up to Kyle Dubas.

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