UFA Wishlist: Who is that?

A. Bates
May 13 2012 05:53PM

It's well known that come July first most of the teams in the NHL will be offering long and lucrative contracts to Ryan Suter and Zach Parise - if they in fact make it to UFA status. While these two players would help the Maple Leafs turn their playoff drought into a playoff berth next season, it's not likely that they will be able to fit either of those players under their cap, without shedding some salary.

Finding serviceable free agents, who will provide your team with solid play - at a reasonable cost (aka not Mike Komisarek or Colby Armstrong) is key to turning around a struggling franchise without a large amount of NHL ready, high ceiling prospects.

Here I will dive into the UFA pool, seeing if there is anything valuable (again, at a reasonable cost) to be had.

Let's take a look at Matt Carle over the jump.

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Playoff Picks, Round 3

Jonathan Willis
May 13 2012 05:47PM

It's been an unpredictable playoffs.  As it stands, 12 series have been concluded.  None of our entrants to date have pegged more than seven correctly, and our average is sitting between four and five.

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Nation Radio - May 12, 2012

May 13 2012 10:30AM



The hot topic this week was the launch of the Nation Network's newest project NHLNumbers blog. Derek Zona, Kent Wilson and others stopped by to talk about how the new site came to be as well as what readers can expect from it down the road. In addition, Ben Massey called in to talk the Oilers and Edmonton FC while Kent Simpson updates us on the Oil Kings playoff march.

This is Nation Radio.

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What the Leafs can Learn from the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Matt Stephen
May 12 2012 10:55AM


Everyone’s noticed that these playoffs have been atypical so far, with upsets becoming the rule rather than the exception. For those teams that still have life in their seasons after beating out the heavily favoured (or unexpectedly tenacious) there’s been one common thread– they play D and they have a goalie.

The five teams remaining in the playoffs include two of the Vezina Trophy candidate goalies, plus Pekka Rinne, not so shabby himself. The old adage has proven true again – defence wins championships. The Leafs didn’t play much of it this year and didn’t have a goalie who was reliably able to stop dump-ins from the blue line… Burke, Carlyle, Rogers Communications INC. and Bell Media, listen up.

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Former Leafs Fantasy Roster

Danny Gray
May 11 2012 12:46PM


The One That Got Away

Yesterday over at PPP I posted my "Salary Cap Fantasy Team". While I won't get into the nitty gritty the idea was to build a team that was 1. Cap Compliant and 2. Made up of players from all over the league and over as many drafts as possible. I felt I had a strong entry, you can see it here. But I also found that you could probably make up an entire roster of nothing but former Leafs. I decided to do just that. 

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