So you've decided to go with James Reimer

Cam Charron
September 10 2012 11:50AM

Brian Burke addressed the media today in Toronto. There is lots to go through, but the big thing is the goaltenders. From our pal Sean Fitz-Gerald:

On whether James Reimer will be the team’s starting goaltender:

“We believe in James Reimer. We have said, from the get-go, that if we get the opportunity to upgrade at the goaltending position, we’re going to do it. That’s still the case. But it’s not a frantic search for a goaltender. We believe in James Reimer … We believe there’s no reason why he can’t be ‘the guy.’”

Is there any reason this is anything more than damage control at this point and saving face? Well, maybe. Burke has talked about adding a goalie, but truly, unless Burke was willing to pay an expensive premium for Roberto Luongo, nobody really popped up.

I think going with Reimer is the right move, and the vision of many a Leaf fan is clouded from the perception of Reimer after last season.

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The Nations Partners with McKeen's

Kent Wilson
September 10 2012 10:22AM


So you may have noticed some McKeen's Hockey banners popping up here and there across the Nation. That's because the boys over at McKeen's are launching a new website and subscription service that will replace their excellent annual magazines.

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How long does Brian Burke have?

Cam Charron
September 10 2012 06:51AM

On Nation Radio with Allan Mitchell Saturday, I was asked a question that I've thought about but admittedly haven't committed to text.

This is one that everybody can think about: How long does Brian Burke have under the new regime?

Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment is going through a re-structuring. Tom Anselmi took over as Chief Operating Officer, and MLSE as a whole has been bought by Rogers and Bell Canada over the summer. Thus far, management of the individual teams under MLSE has not changed.

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Nation Radio - September 8, 2012

September 09 2012 11:46AM

Usually we'd be starting to talk about training camp around this time. Instead, the focus is still the possible lockout, the summer's activities by Canada's NHL teams and advanced stats and how they enhance our enjoyment of the game. We explore these topics and others with guests Harrison Mooney, Terry Jones and more.

This is Nation Radio.

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Leafs Nation round table - The worst team

Cam Charron
September 07 2012 12:42PM

This may be an extended offseason, so to break up the time, some of the writers on TLN are exchanging emails to each other, discussing the Toronto Maple Leafs and NHL hockey as whole. Today's topic is ESPN The Magazine's assertion that the Maple Leafs are the single worst major pro sports team for fan experience in all of North America.

From: Danny Gray
To: Steve Dangle, Gus Katsaros, Cam Charron
Subj: The worst team

I'll never understand why these things praise "affordability" and "ownership-fan relations" or "in-house experience" over you know, selling a whack tonne of tickets, TV spots, and gear. Who cares if the Florida Panthers have cheap seats and really funny jumbo-tron videos or t-shirt cannons, you still have to watch the Florida freaking Panthers. The list is basically: Teams that haven't won a championship recently but still charge a lot for tickets. And by that criteria the Leafs obviously suck, the funny thing is that the other 29 teams in the league would kill to be in this circumstance.

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