Leafs an unlikely destination for Marc Savard

Jeff Veillette
April 05 2015 01:25PM

Last night on Hockey Night In Canada, Elliotte Friedman threw us all a curveball, reporting that the Boston Bruins might trade Marc Savard to another team, in an effort to get his contract off the books. The thing with Savard is that he doesn't play hockey anymore; concussions suffered as a member of the Bruins have rendered him incapable of intense physical activity, ending his career ahead of schedule. 

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LGD: Battle of Opposites

Shawn Reis
April 05 2015 10:55AM

The Ottawa Senators kept their playoff hopes alive last night in dramatic fashion, with Kyle Turris scoring on a breakaway in overtime to secure a huge two points in the nation's capital.  The Leafs got what you might consider a win of their own last night, albeit in much less exciting fashion.  Falling to the Boston Bruins 2-1 in the shootout, Toronto was able to keep themselves in contention for 4th last in the league heading into the final week of the season.  The games are critical now.  Every single point matters.  Tonight's two teams in the Battle of Ontario may be fighting for two very different things, but the stakes have never been higher.  Tonight, the Sens and Leafs put it all on the line in what is the biggest game of the season for both teams.

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On Brendan Shanahan's tight ship and Dave Nonis' future as Maple Leafs GM

Thomas Drance
April 05 2015 09:30AM

Photo Credit: Jerry Lai/USA TODAY Sports

As another wasted and difficult to watch Toronto Maple Leafs season stumbles zombie-like towards the finish line, general manager Dave Nonis' job security remains something of an elephant in the room. 

Will the veteran executive be back with the club next season? It's impossible to know and there isn't much in the way of confident reports or credible rumblings out in the ether to help guide us. What's left is expectations, conjecture and tea leaves, and perhaps that's by design.

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Leafs Postgame: Reimer Stands Tall, Team Still Loses

Jeff Veillette
April 04 2015 08:06PM

When you think about it, the Boston Bruins are a huge part of the reason that the Leafs are where they are today. If a certain game doesn't go down the way that it did, you likely don't see Leafs management go on a mental pilgrimage to find "character" and whatever other things they thought would make them better in the summer of 2013. Wouldn't it be great if the Leafs held on? Hell, it may even have been better if the Bruins got their crap together sooner and won in five games. But here we are, hoping that they, as they usually do, beat the Leafs.

Tonight, they, as they usually do, beat the Leafs, though they certainly took their time to make it happen.

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Marlies Fall Apart In 3rd, Lose 7-2

Jeff Veillette
April 04 2015 07:58PM


I mentioned in the recap for last night's game that the Marlies have spent a good chunk of this stretch playing against teams that  were near them in the standings. When you look at the games that weren't, most of them were against bottom-feeders who were in Toronto's range a few months ago, but rarely have they taken on teams in the top class.

Tonight was an exception to that rule, for they took on the fifth overall Grand Rapids Griffins. For a while, it seemed like anybody's game, but as things progressed, the wheels completely off. 

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