Jeff Veillette (Jeffler)
November 14 2013 12:35PM


With the Toronto Maple Leafs roster dropping like flies to injuries, potential suspensions, and actually playing with a lack of results, a lot of people have asked me over the past week or so who from the Marlies deserve a look at the NHL level, either by lack of depth or by earned play. 

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Is the NHL the next place for SportVU?

Ryan Fancey
November 14 2013 11:16AM

Over the summer I read about the new SportVU player tracking technology that the NBA would be implementing league-wide. Up until this season, only about a third of the league had gone down that road and used it for their own purposes, but now, by the looks of it, the data is available to anyone who simply punches NBA.com into their browser.

What is it? From the link above:

SportVU is a six-camera system operating in the rafters of every NBA arena. From above, the cameras collect data at a rate of 25 times per second and follow the ball and every player on the floor. They calculate players' distance, speed and the relation of those to where the ball is and in what time spans.

 I was interested to see how this whole thing worked, but sort of forgot about it when the basketball season got underway, until a few days ago when a friend texted me to point out all the new stats that were available on the league's official website. I'm not the biggest basketball fan, but I have my moments. 

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Will Nazem Kadri face a suspension for his hit(s) against Minnesota?

Cam Charron
November 14 2013 12:14AM

Nazem Kadri received a match penalty against the Minnesota Wild for an illegal check to the head of Mikael Granlund. If you check the video, you can see that the official on the broadcast right, the veteran Dan O'Halloran, was the one that made the call, and not Trent Knorr, who had been working in his first NHL game.

Anyway, that's elementary. A match penalty means that Kadri is suspended until the league reviews the play, but I have to imagine it gets rescinded. A similar thing happened with Anton Belov, who levelled Claude Giroux on Saturday, but on further review, it was just a strong shoulder-on-shoulder hit that looked a little more violent than it was. I'm not too worried with the hit on Granlund.

But that's not the only play Nazem the Dream has to worry about from Wednesday's game. Kadri also levelled Nik Backstrom in the first period, and the image is forever immortalized as the header of this post.

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Leafs postgame - Playing as black, Leafs battle Wild to draw

Cam Charron
November 13 2013 09:08PM

Yep. One of those nights.

The Maple Leafs couldn't make it a third shootout victory on the season, but did pick up a point against a tough Minnesota Wild team on the road, giving them three of a possible four against a team that could be a contender in the Western Conference this season.

Perhaps if you've been watching Magnus Carlsen against Viswanathan Anand's chess series this month, this game between the Leafs and the Wild would be more at your pace. To those of us used to the fast-paced, chaotic style of game the Leafs have been running this season, this game could have been seen as a disappointment aesthetically.

But if you're a Leafs fan, it's effectively a tie game against a good team on the road. What happens next?

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David Clarkson needs to score

Steve Dangle
November 13 2013 12:52PM


While David Clarkson was in the middle of his 10-game suspension, I wrote about how it could actually be a blessing in disguise. The Leafs were near the top of the conference and the league, and had won almost every game to that point. The headlines were all about Reimer vs. Bernier, Bolland's hot start, and MayRay-mania. The crazy hype surrounding Clarkson had subsided.

Now a few injuries later and with a 5-5-0 record in the last 10 games, things have changed.

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