STAJAN-WATCH: Blakey Come Lately

Danny Gray
December 08 2011 02:58PM


 Christmas came early for Flames fans this year. On November 25, 2011 the Calgary Flames claimed Blake Comeau off waivers from the New York Islanders. In 16 games on Long Island this season Blake had failed to register a single point. All that changed when he arrived at the Saddledome.

In his 7 games with the Flames Blake has 1 goal and 3 assists. His four points have moved him into a tie with Matt Stajan.

Matt is currently on pace for 14 points this season, all assists. 

He is PPG pace over the past 4 games, it seems as though he has made it his own person mission to embarras Matt Stajan.


So there you have it, a player waived by the New York Islanders will soon be outscoring the only remaining piece of the Dion Phaneuf deal. 

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NHLNumbers Podcast Episode 4

NHLnumbers Podcast
December 08 2011 10:03AM



The first three episodes of the NHLNumbers podcast focused mostly on definitions and theory in general. In episode four, we move on to applying what we've talked about to particular teams/players/news in the league. This week, we decided to focus on the Washington Capitals and Philadelphia Flyers - a couple of clubs with a lot to talk about and great writers to talk with. Neil Greenberg of the Washington Post and ESPN as well as Geoff Detweiler of Broadstreet Hockey stop by to share their insights.  

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To The Line, But Not Out: When your gut predicts a goal

Danny Gray
December 07 2011 01:17PM


Immediately after Carl Gunnarsson whiffed on a point shot early in overtime against the Devils, I got that feeling. You know the one I’m talking about; that sensation of feeling your stomach plummet into your feet.  My palms got a little clammier, my heart began beating a little faster. Before I could verbalize anything the puck was behind Reimer and the remote was across the room.

If you watch enough hockey you will experience this phenomena at least a few times each game, more so if you happen to be a Flames fan.  How exactly does your body know something bad is about to happen before your brain does?

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Liar liar: Jonas Gustavsson's phantom Saturday start

Cam Charron
December 06 2011 08:55AM


Kevin McGran, in his story about James Reimer getting Saturday's start in Boston, wrote that head coach Ron Wilson had been only "indicating that Reimer would only back up in Boston." At Friday's practice, the Leafs coach said that "more than likely [the starter] is going to be [Jonas] Gustavsson".

Later in the same scrum, Wilson replied to a question whether he was "being definitive" in the selection of the starting goalie with "I'm not being definitive on anything."

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NHL Realignment Approved

Jonathan Willis
December 05 2011 10:02PM

The NHL announced last night that its Board of Governors were able to come to an agreement on a realignment of the league, one that will abolish the current East/West system and instead create four different conferences.

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