WWYD: Bench Boss Edition

Justin Fisher
January 07 2015 08:13PM

Jesus H. Christ, that Mike Babcock is an intense looking man. Look at those goddamn eyes. Forget Detroit, Babcock looks exactly like the kind of no-nonsense-or-I-will-cut-you sociopath the Toronto Maple Leafs need manning their bench.

Or maybe he isn't. I don't know. What do I know? Nothing. I'm just a blogger. You guys though - the readers - you're the smart ones. Help me out.

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Five Potential Usurpers

Jeff Veillette
January 07 2015 07:27PM


The above picture is a face swap, based on the theory that Gerry Dee will replace Randy Carlyle as head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs when all is said and done. I do not believe this will happen, because Gerry Dee is a comedian, not a professional hockey coach. Though I'd love to see Mr. C become a smash-hit show on CBC. Especially if Randy has to teach the kids how to operate appliances.

Anyway, here's five options that aren't Gerry, even if he thinks he can do it. Maybe not the best options (that's your call), but five nonetheless.

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LGD: Episode 41- A New Hope

Jon Steitzer
January 07 2015 12:03PM

I slept like a baby last night (not like my baby, but one that actually sleeps well). Food tastes better today. The sun is shining a little brighter, people are a little friendlier and every song that comes on the radio makes me want to dance.

Welcome to the post-Carlyle era.

The Leafs have anointed Peter Horachek as the interim coach officially today, and Steve Spott and Steve Staios (Manager of Player Development) will be serving as his assistants.

The Capitals are also a team playing in this game. They just played outside and had fun doing so. Their 7-1-2 record in their past 10 games is a little intimidating and it has helped move them past Toronto in the Eastern Conference standings. Braden Holtby has been great in net for the Caps this season, but you don’t play great goalies against bad teams, so the Leafs might see Justin Peters tonight.

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Leafs Call Up Sam Carrick, Shuffle Lines

Jeff Veillette
January 07 2015 08:57AM


The Toronto Maple Leafs have made another roster adjustment today, calling up young centre Sam Carrick from the Toronto Marlies.

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One gone, one to go

Ryan Fancey
January 07 2015 07:44AM

It isn't difficult to figure out who within the Leafs' organization made the decision to finally fire Randy Carlyle yesterday. It was reported that this was a joint effort from Nonis and Shanahan, but I think anyone who has paid attention to this team for any amount of time realizes Nonis is in a situation similar to that of Greg Sherman before he was demoted by the Avalanche this past fall, a general manager in name only. 

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