Leafs 48-game Predictions

Gus Katsaros
January 15 2013 09:11AM

The season is less than a handful of days away from opening night, which means poolies have returned to their drafts. As a result, we updated our predictions at McKeen’s Hockey for the entire league.

I figured since we made these updates, it was only fitting to post the Leafs projections for the shortened season.

Originally posted the full season predictions here.

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Brian Burke's other legacy: You Can Play - Guest Post

Andrew (manbearpiglpu)
January 14 2013 11:28AM

There are many hockey scribes creating a din of clickity-clack noises writing up their feelings about and interpretations of Brian Burke. Most will focus on his W/L record, his personnel changes, his necktie... and those will be interesting reads and likely points for discussion for weeks to come:

If the Leafs start winning in this shortened season, will he be blamed for the whole lot? 

If they do/do not get Luongo, does that have to do with Burke? 

If the club ends in last place, did they get rid of Burke too soon?

Check any newspaper, blog or TV correspondent over the next little while and Burke will be mentioned in some fashion or another, talking about legacy, next moves, could haves and should haves.

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Leafs Nation Podcast: We're Back!

Leafs Nation Podcast
January 13 2013 07:10PM


Huzzah! The Leafs Nation Podcast is back! We've been on something of a hiaitus for the last few months, and it's no wonder - there really hasn't been much to talk about - but myself (JP Nikota), SkinnyFish, birky, and Danny Gray have put together some good Leafs talk for your enjoyment. In fact, if you'll forgive a little horn tooting on my part (get your mind out of the gutter) it's probably the best half hour of Leafs-related discussion you're going to hear anywhere, so have a listen.

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The 10 Most Interesting Players on Today’s Waiver Wire

Jonathan Willis
January 13 2013 01:18PM

The return of the NHL season means the return of the waiver wire! TSN’s Bob McKenzie, as he always does, has today’s news on that front. After the jump, a look at the ten most interesting available players.

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Leafs 48-game schedule released

Cam Charron
January 12 2013 09:02PM

Above is the Toronto Maple Leafs' schedule for the month of January. As expected from yesterday's various tweets, the Leafs will open at the Bell Centre next week on CBC.

Toronto will play exclusively in the Eastern Conference this year, playing Montreal and Ottawa five times and Buffalo and Boston four times. The full schedule can be found here. They'll play nine back-to-backs, and, as our good friend b1kry points out, "7 dreaded MON or TUE games vs. SouthEast opponents".

For those of you stuck in the 1950s and can only watch hockey games via national television, Toronto play on TSN nine times and CBC 14 times.

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