Nation Radio - April 28, 2012

April 29 2012 10:51AM

With Lowetide engaging in a hot air balloon race around the world this weekend (the queen herself shall drop the checkered flag!), OilersNation's own Robin Brownlee took the wheel in LT's stead. Joining him this Saturday were all manner of characters and celebrities, including David Staples, Jason Gregor and Oilers defenseman Ryan Whitney. Mr. Brownlee is also the Nation's record holder for banning trolls engaging commenters in lively debate, so give a listen as he braves listener/reader calls and emails. 

This is Nation Radio.

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Playoff Picks: Round 2

Jonathan Willis
April 28 2012 11:11AM

Remember Maggie the Macaque? I guarantee the TSN panel in 2006 does.

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Why An Amnesty Clause Makes Sense

Jonathan Willis
April 28 2012 08:26AM

Shawn Horcoff. Keith Ballard. Matt Stajan. Mike Komisarek. The list is a lot longer than that, but it sometimes feels like every team in the league has a player or two whose contracts they’d love to make disappear.

That’s why some sort of amnesty buyout could be an appealing option when the NHL and NHLPA eventually get together and work out the next collective bargaining agreement.

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The dreaded UFA list

Ryan Fancey
April 27 2012 10:41AM

With a lot of negativity aimed at this year's unrestricted free agent crop, you'd think I should name this article with the word "dreadful" instead of dreaded, but considering Burke's UFA track record since joining the Leafs, I've come to fear July 1st, or as he likes to call it: "our draft." 

It isn't entirely on Burke. A lot of signings he's made we've applauded at the time (others we haven't, obviously) and they've turned out to be a nightmare. Either way, we should still panic and hide under a desk every summer.

Scott Cullen of TSN has offered a fairly extensive run-down of the UFA list, with rankings and tidbits about each player set to test the market. It's easy to use capgeek or another resource to get all of this information, as we usually have these guys targeted well in advance, but this list Cullen has pieced together is convenient.

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AHL vs. NHL Success: Years Three and Four

A. Bates
April 27 2012 09:40AM

Is this a guy that can contribute with the Leafs next year?
Photo Cred: Mike Ivall

A few weeks ago I looked at the relationship between an AHL team's success one year and their parent club's success the next. If you read that piece you will know that there wasn't a mathematical correlation. However, I did find that most AHL teams that posted a .600 winning percentage or better saw their NHL parent club in the post season the following year (if you missed it you can find it here).

This, of course, was some good news for Leafs fans as the Marlies placed second in their conference with a .632 winning percentage this year.

I know that it wasn't perfect looking into just one year - there are so many variables that can affect an NHL teams performance - so I decided (along with some people asking) to look at the NHL teams performance three and four years removed from a dominant AHL season.

The results aren't as comforting this time around. Follow me over the jump for graphs and analysis.

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