Nation Network Hockey Pool, December 11th Edition

Jonathan Willis
December 11 2011 10:05PM

Another week, another update of the Nation Network Hockey Pool. This week features a new leader in the standings.

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December 10 2011 08:06PM

The holiday season is almost upon us and your ol' pal Lowetide has given you an early gift with this week's NationRadio episode. Oilers talk? Check. Flames stuff? Why not. Ryan Lambert explaining what exactly "Ovechkin's steroids" are exactly? Oh yeah.

This is NationRadio.

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The Fading Fortunes Of Tomas Kaberle

Jonathan Willis
December 10 2011 12:58PM

When the Toronto Maple Leafs dealt Tomas Kaberle to Boston at last season’s trade deadline, most fans were appreciative of the return that Brian Burke managed to finagle from the Bruins for his services. As time goes on, it’s rapidly becoming apparent exactly how good a deal that was for the Leafs.

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December 9th News and Notes

Robert Cleave
December 09 2011 01:29PM



It's time for another review of some of the items of interest from around the Nation and the league, as teams move into the middle third of the season. In this week's overview, the Oilers hit a sour patch, the Canucks carry on without a couple of useful pieces, and the Leafs' ownership changes hands.

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Should The Leafs Extend Ron Wilson?

Jonathan Willis
December 08 2011 03:46PM

The subject of Ron Wilson’s future in Toronto has been a popular one for fans and media alike for quite some time now. Last season, of course, the question was typically, “So, how soon should the Leafs fire Wilson?” as opposed to the more favoured, “Should the Leafs give Wilson an extension now?” question of 2011-12.

Wilson’s contract expires at the end of this season. Should the Leafs be looking at a second tour of duty for the polarizing head coach, or looking elsewhere?

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