David Clarkson after ten games

Cam Charron
November 18 2013 11:02AM

David Clarkson hasn't necessarily been under attack, but we can say that people are beginning to question the things Clarkson can do on the ice. I don't necessarily think he's been all that bad in his first few games as a Leaf. He's leading the team in most puck-possession categories, has had a few scoring chances and unfortunately finds himself goal-less in mid-November, something that could have been impossible to forecast back in July when he signed his long contract.

Clarkson now has 10 games under his belt, and he has just three assists in those games. A 10-game goal-less slump doesn't particularly bother me. Players slump, they don't get the bounces, whatever, but what does have me worried is that Clarkson is just shooting at 2.0 shots per game. He's a high-volume, low-percentage shooter who was 43rd in shots per game among forwards between 2010 and the end of the shortened 2013 campaign. So what's happened?

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Steve Dangle
November 18 2013 10:06AM




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Ben Scrivens succeeding in LA

Steve Dangle
November 17 2013 08:15PM

                                     (via @theroyalhalf)

Ben Scrivens is the best statistical goalie in the NHL.

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LFR7 - Game 20 - Princess vs. Peasants - Buf 2, Tor 4

Steve Dangle
November 17 2013 02:49PM


JVR goes back to the wing and being awesome, Holland has a nice debut, and John Scott's mad again for some reason. 

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Leafs Postgame - It Was Three Nothing And They Won

Emily G
November 16 2013 08:28PM

You know how sometimes the Leafs lose two games in a row and it feels like everything is about to fall apart? Well, this game didn't really do a whole lot to improve that feeling (especially in the third period), but two points is two points and getting them by any means necessary is what the Leafs needed to do in this game, and they managed to pull it off.

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